Feedback wanted for "Ask a Giants Fan"

Hello everyone. The regular season's back, and it's safe to say I'll be back at BBV full time now.

To those of you wondering where I was this summer, your concern is very appreciated. Summer happened and real life got in the way. I'll try not to let that happen again.

To those of you who don't know me, let me give a belated welcome to BBV! My claim to fame is I post the "Ask a Giants Fan" on other sites and we have a good time with the other fans (assuming they don't root for the Seahawks... *shudder*).
How did I get this awesome job? Good question. Evidently the last game of 09 was the first time I posted it (I believe Ed or Bri did it themselves before that), and I've been doing ever since. I look back at my old writing, saved on the internet and say to myself, wow was I dumb. Protip for any newbies: stay on SBN, especially BBV and you'll learn tons.

Well now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's what I want to get to. Below is a little something I've been working on. Well a big something.
For each franchise, I plan on doing a breakdown on some of the Head to Head stats and information. I think it's great to look and see some of the background about each team we face and have a little sense of the history between the two franchise.
I think I hit a lot of cool stuff, but there's plenty of things that could be added or edited, or perhaps in my haste I made something confusing or hard to understand. I like to take pride in this community, and with your help we can make the "Ask a Giant Fan" even better.

Please tell me any ideas you have to help me improve this!

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Stats

Cowboys Franchise Stats & Info

The Dallas Cowboys were founded in 1960. In a year that saw the founding of the AFL, the Cowboys were the only new addition to the NFL, the 13th non-defunct franchise in the league.

Franchise Records and Statistics

Regular Season Wins-Losses-Ties* (%): 448-332-6 (.574)

The Cowboys have the 13th most wins in NFL history. This is mainly due to longevity reasons. Every franchise with more wins has been around longer than the Cowboys, while they have more wins than all franchises founded in 1960 or later. The Cowboys have the 7th least amount of losses. Their .574 winning percentage trails only the Bears.
Years in the Playoffs: 30 (Second all time, to NYG)
Playoff Record: 33-25 (33 wins is tied with PIT for most all time)
Division Championships: 22 (most recent 2009)

The Cowboys have been to 8 Super Bowls, tied with the Steelers for most appearances overall. Their 5 Super Bowl championships are tied with the 49ers for second overall. Including the pre-Super Bowl championships, they have the sixth most championships with the 49ers and Redskins.
The Cowboys' last playoff appearance was in 2009, the run ending in 34-3 loss to the Vikings in the divisional round.
The Cowboys have won 13 games in a season twice (1992 & 2007), 12 games nine times (1968, 1977 [14 game seasons], 1978, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1993, 1994, & 1995), and 11 games six times.

*Ties count as half a win and half a loss

Home Stadiums:
Cotton Bowl (1960-1971)
Texas Stadium (1971-2008)
Cowboys Stadium (2009-present)

Owners and Head Coaches

The Cowboys have had three owners. Clint Murchison Jr. was the original owner and founder of the franchise. Murchison's greatest move was hiring and keeping former Giants safety and defensive coordinator Tom Landry. Despite early troubles, Landry led the team to 20 straight winning seasons from 1966-1985, 18 of the franchise's 30 playoff appearances, 5 Super Bowl Appearances, and 2 Super Bowl Championships. Landry prowled the sidelines for 29 years, outlasting the first two owners. In 1984, a syndicate led by Bum Bright bought the Cowboys for $85 million. Suffering financial losses, Bright in turn sold the Cowboys to current owner Jerry Jones in 1989 for $170 million. Jones fired Landry and replaced him with Jimmy Johnson (1989-1993), who was the head coach for 5 years and led the team to two Super Bowls (XXVII & XXVIII). After Johnson left the franchise, Barry Switzer (1994-1997) was hired, who won Super Bowl XXX. The Head Coaches since Switzer have been a mixed bag, with a single playoff win since 1996. They are Chan Gailey (1998-99 [the Current HC of the Buffalo Bills]), Dave Campo (2000-2002), Bill Parcells (2003-06), Wade Phillips (2007-2010), and Jason Garrett (2010-present).

Since Jerry Jones has taken over, only Jimmy Johnson was head coach for more than four years. Each coach has lasted about 3.28 years (7 coaches in 23 years), a number in the lower third in the league in the same time span.

(My Notes: I like the above entry, but it might be redundant for fans of the other team. Should I replace this with corresponding Giants info, have both?)

Cowboys vs. Giants: Head to Head Statistics and Records

Regular Season Series Record: 56-41-2 (.576)
Playoffs Series Record: 0-1 (.000)

Record at Metlife Stadium: 1-1 (.500)

(My notes: Sometime in the future, I'd like to get a breakdown for the record at each venue. With division rivals, and older franchises it takes a lot of effort, so I'll leave that for the future. Or when Elias gives me their own team for stat look up)

Current Coaches:

Jason Garrett [Cowboys (2010-Present)]
Regular Season: 13-11 (.542)
Post Season: N/A
Overall: 13-11

Vs. New York Giants
Overall: 1-2 (2010, 2011 x2)

Tom Coughlin [Jaguars (1995-2002), Giants (2004-Present)]
Regular Season: 142-114 (.555) [As Giants Coach: 74-54 (.578)]
Post Season: 12-7 (.632) [As Giants Coach: 8-3 (.727)]


1996: 2-1 AFC Conference Title Loss

1997: 0-1 Wild Card Round Loss

1998: 1-1 Divisional Round Loss

1999: 1-1 AFC Conference Title Loss

2005: 0-1 Wild Card Round Loss

2006: 0-1 Wild Card Round Loss

2007: 4-0 Super Bowl Champions

2008: 0-1 Divisional Round Loss

2011: 4-0 Super Bowl Champions

Division Wins: (6, 3 with NYG) 1997, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2008, 2011

Vs. Dallas Cowboys
Overall: 12-8 (.600) [Including 1-0 in playoffs]

Jaguars: 1-2 (1997, 2000, 2002)
Giants: 11-6 (.647) (2004-2006 x2, 2007 x3, 2008-2011 x2 [including 1-0 in playoffs])

The Giants under Coughlin have defeated the Cowboys in 5 of the last 6 games, and 7 of the last 9 games. Coughlin is one of the more successful Giant coaches vs. the Cowboys, including an upset win in the playoffs on the way to Super Bowl 42.

Garrett vs. Coughlin
Garrett's first game as interim head coach was a stunning upset of the Giants in 2010. To the present, that remains his only win vs. Coughlin and the Giants after being swept in '11.

Overall: 1-2

Current Quarterbacks:

Tony Romo
Romo signed with the Cowboys in 2003 after going undrafted. After not playing at all in his first few years, Romo completed his first two passes, including a TD to Terrell Owens in mop up duty vs. the Texans. After erratic play by starter Drew Bledsoe in a Week 7 match vs. the Giants, Romo came out as his replacement, solidifying his role as the Cowboys' starter ever since.
Romo has started 77 regular season games, with a 47-30 record, and 1-3 in the playoffs. Romo is a 3 time pro-bowler (2006, 2007, 2009).

Record vs. Giants: (Includes only games started)
Overall: 4-6
Regular Season: 4-5

Romo has lost 5 straight games to the Giants, his last win coming in 2008. All games were vs. Eli Manning

Eli Manning

Manning was drafted by the 2004 with the first overall draft. Since Eli's first start in Week 11 of the 2004 season, Manning has not missed a game. His 130 consecutive starts (including 11 playoff games) is the third longest streak for a quarterback in NFL history, trailing only Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Manning has a 69-50 regular season record, with an 8-3 playoff record. Manning is a two time Pro Bowler (2008, 2011), two time Super Bowl MVP (XLII & XLVI), and single season leader in Game Winning Drives (8, tied with Jake Delhomme) and 4th Quarter Comebacks (7, tied with Peyton Manning) [Both in 2011].

Record vs. Cowboys:
Overall: 10-6 (Including 1-0 in playoffs)

Memorable Games
(Note: As a relatively young fan, I'm sure I've missed many great games. If you can think of any classic games I've missed I'll gladly add them in!)

Emmit Smith Plays with a Broken Arm (1/2/1994)

The 1993 season finale pitted the Giants and Cowboys for the division crown and first round bye. During the game, Emmit Smith suffered a shoulder separation. Despite this... well I'll just let NFL films tell the story
The Cowboys would end up winning 17-10, on the way to their 4th Super Bowl Championship.

PLAYOFFS!!! (1/13/2008)
Despite the long and storied history between the two, the Giants and Cowboys have only met in the playoffs once. This one was a nail biter until the end, when victory was clinched with an End Zone interception by R.W. McQuarters, sealing the Giant upset, despite being swept in the regular season.
The Giants won 21-17, the 3rd to last match on their path to their 3rd Super Bowl Championship

Win and You're In (1/1/2012)
This happened only last season, no need to rehash this yet.

Connections and Trivia

As far as I can tell, no current Cowboy players were on the Giants. Head Coach Jason Garrett was the backup QB for the Giants from 2000-2003.

On the Giants, Martellus Bennet and Chris Canty are former Cowboys.

Additionally, I'd like to add I was thinking about making one of these just about the Giants to post here. Any interest in that?

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