Who is He? Where Is He Now? Where Will He Be? (2nd Ed.)

As we all watch the preseason games and patiently wait for the regular season to start, I thought that I would complete this fanpost which has been sitting on the shelf for a very, very long time. The function of this post is to shine the spolight on some of our most dominate, past and current, players for the sake of contrasting thier respective abilities and determining if the current player has what it takes to be the best of the New York Giants Football franchise. Yes...I know, Its been along time since I've posted one of these, but I told Fester McDougal that I would bring my 'A' game this year. Consider this post the first step toward this feat.I hope you find it worthy. Anyway, lets get to it!



Michael Strahan joined the NY Giants in as a second round pick (40th overall) in the 1993 NFL Draft. Michael didn't exactly make a splash when he came in to the league. Although he was active and playing in his first year, he missed most of it due to injury. From 1994-1997 Strahan recorded 18 Sacks in all of the relative seasons combined. However, in 1997 the beast was awakened. He introduced his NFL opponents to 14 Sacks for the 1997 season and another 15 Sacks in 1998. Strahan finished his career with a franchise best of 141.5 Sacks (18 more than the great Lawrence Taylor) 1 Superbowl Championship and 7 Pro-Bowls.


Where was he then?

In Strahan's 2nd year with the New York Football Giants, he played in a total of 15 games; all of which, he started. He began his quest of domination at the right Defensive End position where he made a considerable impact recording 4.5 sacks; 1 Forced Fumble; 27 Tackles (13 assisted) with 0 interceptions and 0 safties.



Jason Pierre-Paul joined the New York Giants in 2010. This 6-5, 270lb beast was snagged by Jerry Reese in te 1st round (15th overall). JPP debutted for the New York Football Giants in 2010. He mirrored Strahan's 2nd year performance recording 4.5 Sacks that year. However, the "Kracken" was released the following season as you will see below. It is worth mentioning that JPP is the only player in NFL history to record a sack, forced fumble and blocked field goal all in the same game. As his carreer stats stand at this point, he has 1 Pro-Bowl appearance; 1 Superbowl Championship; 111 Tackles; 4 Forced Fumbles and 21.0 Sacks.


Where is he now?

Jason Pierre-Paul is currently in his 3rd year. Because it is only preseason, I am compelled to use his 2011 stats because these stats are already in the books. Stepping in for the injured Osi Umenyoria and, at times Justin Tuck, he didn't disappoint. JPP played a total 16 games starting in 12 of them. He finished the 2011 season with 16.5 Sacks; 2 Forced Fumbles; 72 Tackles (21 of them assisted) and 1 Safety.

Where will, he be?

QUESTION: Barring injury or trade, considering where JPP is now statistically as opposed to where Strahan was at the same point in his career, do you think that JPP will end his career above or below the franchise leading numbers of his now retired counterpart?

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