Ask a Bears Fan - Preseason, Week 3

Afternoon fine folks of BBV.

As I've patiently waited the 24 hours to post this piece of information, I'd like to share a few thoughts i've come up with in that time.

1) I'm bummed not to see JPP play. Really. I want to see how good the Giants Pass rush does against the mediocre first team offensive line (but only to observe, and hopefully not to get anyone killed).

2) I'm what some would call on the 'J'Webb Nation'. I made a case last week in a fanpost that J'Marcus Webb, the LT for the Bears was probably as bad, if not a little better than Dave Diehl at LT, and am using this week as a training exercise to show people that just because you have a bad left tackle doesn't mean you can't play around the position and be successful.

3) I wouldn't be afraid of RG3 yet (after seeing him get shown up by Cousins). Or Mike Vick and his 3 not-yet-broken-ribs (can I get a hearty guffaw?). Or the Cowboys. I hope you're all confident for a nice run to the NFCCG (but that's it).

4) I'm jealous I'm not going to be in NYC this weekend, but mostly because of the Quicksand reunion show happening at the Bowery, not at the Meadowlands for the pre-season game. C'mon. We all know that pre-season games suck as a fan, but as voracious information and tape watchers, it's invaluable. But you can do that in your own home... and not at the game.

5) I eagerly await any questions that the large New Jersey/New York fanbase has for your humble Bears-information-mouthpiece... I should be around until around 6pm EST, and would kindly return in the morning east coast time to answer anything else I can until the game.

As is the norm: please press recommend so people can pelt me with inane questions about jay cutler and kristin cavallari's baby boy. I was going to make a joke about the baby's rex grossman nicknamed arm, but I think it's too soon to tell, really, what we're going to expect from the child-face of the franchise.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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