8/14 Depth Chart Musings: DT's Falling Down Edition

Last week I took a shot at making a depth chart, and made a bunch of changes to it along the way as lots of other BBV'ers jumped in. Before today's injuries to the D-line, Moshe52792 put the tough questions well in a comment:

We have 22 offensively locks. We have to chose between AB and Da’rel, bringing us to 23. We need an offensive lineman (Cordle/Mosley/McCants), bringing us to 24. And a wide receiver (Barden/Douglas), bringing us to 25

We have 19 defensive locks. We have to choose between Tracy and Trattou, bringing us to 20. We need another DL until Canty gets back (Rogers/Hendricks/Kuhn), bringing us to 21. Then until Sash returns we need to chose 4 between Linebackers, Safeties, and Cornerbacks (Blackburn, Paysinger, Jones, Coe, Johnson, Brown), bringing us to 25.

When Sash returns one of those guys (LB/CB/S) get cut, and when Canty comes back, one of the DL get cut. Do I have that right?

After the jump, I'll take a shot at a new depth chart discussion thread in the wake of the news of today's injuries.


QB: Manning, Carr (2)

HB: Bradshaw, Ware, Wilson, Scott (4)

FB: Hynoski (1)

TE: Pascoe, Bennett, Robinson (3)

C: Baas (1)

G: Boothe, Snee, Petrus (3)

T: Diehl, Beatty, Mosely, Locklear, Brewer (5)

WR: Nicks, Cruz, Randle, Jernigan, Hixon, Barden (6)


DT:Joseph, Bernard, Austin, Kuhn (4)

DE: JPP, Tuck, Umenyiora, Tracy (4)

LB: Boley, Kiwinuka, Herzlich, Jones, Rivers, Williams, Paysinger, (7)

CB: Webster, Thomas, Amukamara, Coe, Tryon, Hosley (6)

S: Phillips, Rolle, Hill, Grant (4)


LS: DeOssie

P: Weatherford

K: Tynes

PUP: 2

Canty, Beckum, Sintim




RB: Brown could still beat out Scott, it's a tossup. I leaned toward Scott because he can return kicks.

OL: I did not keep an extra Center because Boothe can slide in there as the backup, with Petrus or Diehl at LG. I felt like the team would not cut both rookie OT's, and I already cut McCants.

WR: Last week I thought Douglas was on the way to edging out the incumbent Barden, but then Douglas got injured and hasn't been playing. Though the sixth WR slot is still an open competition among Douglas, Barden, Collins, DePalma and Stanback, Barden is the guy right now by default. But if the coaches can find someone as good who can play special teams, I think they take him, especially with Sash out early. After some research, I've also verified that the team will take no cap hit cutting Barden and may even save some chump change if they replace him with a UDFA.

DT: I cut Hendricks. Jimmy Kennedy is also still out there and he knows the system. I won't be surprised if the team looks for another veteran, but then, carrying 5 DT's will be very hard when you look at the price tag in making another cut elsewhere on the roster. Let's hope Austin is okay and his trip to NYC to be evaluated is mostly precautionary. If's he's out for any length of time, they have to get more DT help from somewhere. As for Canty, I'm erring on the side of caution assuming he starts the season on PUP. When he start practicing, then I'll reevaluate.

LB: I know I'm probably wrong here, but I cut Blackburn on the assumption that Herzlich wins the starting job by week 1, and they won't want to cut Paysinger, who Coughlin just called the team's best special teams player, and also won't want to cut Jones. Blackburn has been signed from the couch before, they could gamble on that again. I think he's more likely to stay available than either Jones or Paysinger if they need him. This could change if Boley's hamstring turns into a bigger problem.

CB: I kept six because I think Thomas will need a few weeks to see the field, at least. But they have to carry Thomas on the roster in the meantime.

S: If they wait until after the last roster cut, they can sign Grant without owing him money later if they cut him during the season, which is what would happen after four weeks when Sash comes back. But this 4th safety is getting carried at the expense of a linebacker, and would you rather tell the team they cut one of Blackburn/Paysinger/Jones for Stevie Brown or for Deon Grant? With so many young players on defense, with Rogers out for the season and Canty presumably on PUP, the coaches will want Grant's veteran leadership to start off the season. That's my guess.


Of course all of this can change in an instant - today proves that. Plus, we have an open roster spot on the 90 man roster since Janzen Jackson got cut. They could sign someone who changes this picture before cut day.

But what are your thoughts?

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