BBV Comedy Thread - 2012 V1.0

You heard correctly, folks! The comedy thread is back and it promises to be better than ever. Let this thread serve as a haven for those who want to laugh at ill-informed comments made by haters of the defending champions of the NFL, our New York Giants! Comments made from delusional fans about different teams may be used here as well. So, with all of that said, let the lulz begin!

If you forget to rec this thread, you will not only suffer the wrath of Coach Clawfin, but you will also go for an unpleasant ride on the Goodyear blimp.

Bleeding Green Nation:

The Chargers used the Giants pick in 2005 to take Shawne Merriman. If the Giants had Phillip Rivers or Ben Roethisberger and Shawne Merriman(plus those 3rd rounders) instead of Eli, maybe they would’ve done as well.

by Beak 'n Talon on Apr 30, 2012 2:16 PM EDT

Are the Sixers trying to be like the NY Giants?

Bad team but pulling through adversity or just (redacted) lucky?

by BIBTD on May 6, 2012 4:23 PM EDT

Blogging the Boys:

But I have a hard time picking a team that gave up more points than they scored to go to the playoffs. I agree their O-line is bad, really bad. 32nd in rushing and grading out as the worst pass protecting line. No more muffed punts or throws “getting lost in the lights” to save NY this year.

by Trueblue122 on Jun 3, 2012 3:08 PM EDT up reply actions

I think the competition in the NFC east has been upped a notch or maybe two. Eagles are stronger, Cowboys are stronger, and even the skins are bit stronger. Now the Giants had a serious run of bad luck at the beginning of last year with all the injuries in their secondary and of course it got better towards the end of the year (linebacker corps too). When the defense was struggling to keep up we saw Eli be very un-Eli like in some games last year. I don’t think the Giants surprise many teams this year and so I think they notch a couple more losses and just get edged out of the playoffs.

by Final Frame on Jun 3, 2012 12:10 PM EDT reply actions

OCC: I'm picking the Giants to miss the playoffs this season. I don't care that they won the Super Bowl. We all know that in the NFL, the results dictate the narrative and the narrative will always be adjusted to fit the results. But I don't buy all those stories about how great the Giants are. For me, the Giants remain a 9-7 team that struggled to get into the playoffs. I am not at all impressed by their offseason activities and see both the Eagles and Cowboys ahead of the Giants in the East.

I really don’t see that happening again in 2012. Their schedule is BRUTAL and they haven’t done a whole lot to improve themselves. I think the Giants struggle to break even.

A fanatically loyal parishioner of the Church that is the Dallas Cowboys

by Hawkeye101 on Jun 3, 2012 2:09 PM EDT

From ESPN:

Ravens Insider its the Eagles division to lose bros June 2 2012, 5:20 PM

Saying Eli was the main reason the giants won those bowls is like saying Jim Macmohn was the main reason the 85 bears won the bowl.

I see people posting JPP vs Cole, Osi vs Babin.
Cullen Jenkins was better than all of them last year, the guy was a beast.
Gotta watch the games people, gotta stay out of the bars and just scan the games.

Well, after watching Jenkins play all year, and very well under the circumstances, there ain't one of the very weak corners for the Giants who would see the field on a team that wasn't filled with very bad corners. I mean, Corey Webster ain't playing in no pro bowls my friends.

Truth is Jenkins would start for at least 25 teams in the league next year, and the Giants would be one of them. Dan is dreaming if he thinks a guy like Prince Nakamura, whose never played a good game yet, would start over a Pro Bowler.

Said Cullen Jenkins was the best defensive linemen between the giants and eagles last year.
What is so confusing for the giant homers about that?

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