Ramses Barden Career on Tape: You Be the Judge

I was at the gym this morning and I had NFL network on the monitor on the machine I was working on. They were showing game rewind of the Giants versus the Jets, 2011. What caught my eye was a couple of targets to Ramses Barden that early in the season that I did not remember. What stood out for me was he looked. . .just awful.

He looked terrible running routes, got pushed to the sideline so far there was no way to complete the pass. In one quick out route deep in Giant territory he flat out fell down making his cut. Lucky the thrown ball wasn't intercepted.

It made me want to look for any videos of his career targets. And lo and behold, I found one, and it includes all of his career targets. Take a look after the jump.

I was not really surprised all his career targets fit on one 6 minute video. The question is, why so few targets? Did he ever really get an opportunity? I think in 2011 at least his big audition for more reps was that Jet game. And he blew it.

Looking across his career, I see a few decent plays and a number of just awful ones. He makes Eli look like a much less accurate quarterback than he is, and with all the bad route running, I think that's probably on Barden and not on Eli. He just doesn't get to where he's supposed to be. He's made a few good catches in traffic and has bungled others, sometimes tipping them up where they could be intercepted. He doesn't get a lot of separation either, and drops the ball too much for comfort.

Based on this tape, unless he really breaks out and a light goes on for him, I don't expect him to win a #3 WR spot on the 2012 roster.

I was tempted to break down each play on tape but I decided to be lazy on this one. Just go look for yourself.

What do you think? You buying or selling Barden stock?

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