It's bigger and better than ever! Well not really better...but it's back. The internet sensation that last year kept BBV from falling into a CBA-induced stupor over the summer is ready for another go around!

Anybody can play, and you don't have to play everyday. Just jump in when you want. Interested? Well follow me after the jump to find out just how to play. I promise its really easy.....


--> Basically, each NFL team will be given 32 "lifepoints"

--> Each poster can choose to "Heal" a certain team (that they like) and they will be given a point, or "Kill" a team, and a point will be taken away.

--> You can perform two actions every 24 hrs. You can even "Double Kill" a team if you really, really don't like them for your daily two actions or "Double Heal" a team if you really, really love them.

Once a team is eliminated, obviously you can't vote for them anymore.

For example:

Philadelphia Eagles: 8 points

St. Louis Rams: 14 points

Invictus XI: Save St. Louis and Kill Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles: 7 points

St. Louis Rams: 15 points

--> IF YOU ARE THE ONE TO "ELIMINATE" A TEAM (For example, if Dallas has 2 points, and nywins46 chooses to "double kill Dallas") you are granted ONE EXTRA ACTION EVERYDAY, UP TO A MAX OF 4 ACTIONS/DAY.

That would mean that nywins46 can perform 3 actions in everyday because he killed a team. If he kills another team, he gets another action, so he can do 4 actions everyday. That's the max, even if he kills another 5 teams, he can only use 4 actions a day.

--> We'll keep track as we go along.

A COUPLE OF REQUESTS----PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) DO NOT write in the title box unless you are putting in your actions for the day. For regular comments and conversations, please just use the comment box instead. Thank you!

2) I need a couple regulars here to become admins. I won't be around everyday, but if I could get a few volunteers (Simms-McConkey basically helped me run the thing last year--> You're awesome, Simms) to help me out. You would basically just count up all the votes/let everybody else know when 24 hrs is up and their actions reset for the day. Thank you greatly.

3) Please rec to keep this up top.

If there isn't much interest, I'll delete this, but given the turnout last year, I don't think that should be a problem. At the end, we'll compare how our views towards teams have changed from last year to this year. Enjoy.


1) Buffalo - 38

2) Houston - 35

3) Indianapolis - 33

3) Cincinnati - 33

3) Kansas City - 33

6) Atlanta - 32

6) Tampa Bay - 32

6) Minnesota - 32

6) Tennessee - 32

10) Oakland - 31

11) St. Louis - 30

11) Jacksonville - 30

11) Cleveland - 30

11) San Diego - 30

15) Miami - 29

15) Arizona - 29

15) Chicago - 29

18) Denver -28

18) Seattle - 28

18) Carolina - 28

21) Baltimore -25

22) Pittsburgh - 19

23) New England -7


Philadelphia Eagles (sejo28)

Dallas Cowboys (TNYFBG)

New Orleans Saints (NorthwestFan)

New York Jets (TNYFBG)

Green Bay Packers (netsareboss)

San Francisco 49ers (netsareboss)

Washington Redskins (TallWriter62)

Detroit Lions (TNYFBG)

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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