OL Coach Pat Flaherty Sounds Worried to Me

Check out this video the team posted today and come right back.

U out?

U bak?


Ok, so what do we learn here? I'll take out my coachspeak decoder ring and tell you what I think after the jump.

Right away he's talking about veteran leadership, and the need to get the younger guys to step up. By that he means they need to practice and prepare with discipline and work like hell to earn their jobs. The veteran models he holds up are Baas, Diehl, Snee and Boothe.

With Beatty, he sounds worried about the guy staying on the field. I actually didn't expect him to say as much as he did about those issues, but he went there. I'm guessing the team is more worried than they let on. He talks about Beatty's progress being limited by injuries and more or less says Beatty is not really where he needs to be. That surprised me because it makes Flaherty sound like the Pineapple a little, when we fans all think Beatty is much better than any alternative and potential strong part of the line if he plays.

He says Diehl, like the other veterans, has great "make up" and will play anywhere you ask him to, and will be successful. It's pretty clear Flaherty is not so impressed by physical ability as he is by mental approach to play at the line, which leads to consistency of performance and effort. And he's saying he's not convinced his younger guys have that.

Asked if Petrus and Brewer are close to making big contributions, he says, "Well, I hope they're close. . ." That's what his mouth said. What his tone and eyes said, to me, was "They have a long way to go." He goes on to say their progress is up to them, which is basically calling them out to work their asses off and prove themselves worthy of snaps. He talks about them letting the "little things bother them to take them out of certain things," like not feeling 100%. He's basically calling out their toughness and commitment in this video.

Bottom Line: Flaherty sounds worried to me about what he has to work with. He'll be going with the veterans and won't hand the younger guys anything unless forced to by injuries or they force him by overwhelming him with performance, discipline and preparation. It's not just Coughlin who likes his veteran linemen, it's Flaherty. Some of this is posturing on his part to challenge and develop those guys, but I also think the team knows it made choices in the draft and passed on guys like Cordy Glenn, leaving them to try to make do with a substandard OL in transition again this year.

What do you think?

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