Change required in the NFL draft process

The NFL takes great pride in the parity they manage to maintain in the league, and rightly so.
This has been accomplished by a strict salary cap, revenue sharing and the NFL drat process itself.

The NFL draft order already supports this notion of parity or fairness, by taking results of the previous season into account.
There is however an element of unfairness in the whole draft process. As was witnessed by the Browns trading multiple picks to move up one spot in the first round. There were storylines about how the Browns had been conned into handing over picks, when there was really no one else angling to take the pick. I even read articles about how the Browns trade was justified, since they realy did'nt want to risk someone getting in front of them. If the Browns were truly conned into trading extra picks, thats not just smartness on the part of the Vikings, that just plain wrong.

There is one way to avoid this situation, and it might even make the draft more interesting as a TV spectacle.
Currently all trade talk is done between the 2 teams in question, likely over the phone, with the rest of the teams none the wiser. There is no reason this information should not be available to all teams.
This will allow teams who might be interested in moving up to the same spot, to be able to put in their own bid.
This could set up a few mini auctions on draft day. Also since all the teams know, this same information can alson be presented to the TV viewers. The team trading away a pick is likely to get better value, if more teams get involved in the bidding process.And never again, will there be a chance , that a team trades away a pick by just saying they are talking to someone else as well.

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