Invictus XI's Top 100

With the NFL Network in the midst of revealing it's latest travesty of a list, I decided to make my own to promote discussion. Ideally, 1-100 would be Rhett Bomar, but as it is, I'm going take the hard way and make him unavailable to be chosen.

Grading Criteria:

-> All positions created equal (for the most part, there will be some inherent bias). This is based on how well you perform AT YOUR POSITION. Therefore, if you are a God at punting, you will make it over an average QB. Obviously this is a fine line, no punter is making it in the top 50.

-> I'm not trying to create an equal split between offense and defense. If there's 75 on offense and 25 on defense, so be it.

-> Based not only on regular season stats, but postseason (if applicable) stats, non-statistical impact on the game, extenuating circumstances, pressure situations, etc.

-> Based on 2011 performance and some 2012 projection. No rookies will be included.

-> MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is just my opinion, meant for discussion. I very well could be forgetting somebody, if I do I'll mention it, cause I'm doing this to procrastinate right now. Enjoy!

1) Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay________________ 51) Von Miller, OLB Denver

2) Tom Brady, QB New England _________________52) Vincent Jackson, WR Tampa Bay

3) Darrelle Revis, CB New York Jets _____________53) Victor Cruz, WR New York Giants

4) Calvin Johnson, WR Detroit __________________54) Mike Wallace, WR Pittsburgh

5) Patrick Willis, ILB San Francisco ______________55) London Fletcher, ILB Washington

6) Justin Smith, DE/DT San Francisco____________56) Scott Wells, OC Green Bay

7) Jared Allen, DE Minnesota __________________57) Roddy White, WR Atlanta

8) Drew Brees, QB New Orleans _______________58) Joe Haden, CB Cleveland

9) Larry Fitzgerald, WR Arizona _________________59) Fred Jackson, RB Buffalo

10) Eli Manning, QB New York Giants ____________60) Jason Witten, TE Dallas

11) Terrell Suggs, OLB* Baltimore _______________61) Lawrence Timmons, ILB Pittsburgh

12) Joe Thomas, OT Cleveland _________________62) Jason Babin, DE Philadelphia

13) Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota ______________63) Osi Umenyiora, DE New York Giants

14) Andre Johnson, WR Houston ________________64) Greg Jennings, WR Green Bay

15) DeMarcus Ware, OLB Dallas ________________65) Geno Atkins, DT Cincinnati

16) Trent Cole, DE Philadelphia _________________66) Tamba Hali, OLB Kansas City

17) Carl Nicks, OG Tampa Bay __________________67) Darren Sproles, RB New Orleans

18) Jason Pierre-Paul, DE New York Giants ________68) Vernon Davis, TE San Francisco

19) Rob Gronkowski, TE New England ____________69) Jeremy Maclin, WR Philadelphia

20) Jason Peters. OT* Philadelphia ______________70) Chris Myers, OC Houston

21) Haloti Ngata, DT Baltimore __________________71) Asante Samuel, CB Atlanta

22) Arian Foster, RB Houston ___________________72) Aldon Smith, OLB San Francisco

23) Jimmy Graham, TE New Orleans _____________73) Dez Bryant, WR Dallas

24) NaVorro Bowman, ILB San Francisco __________74) Cameron Wake, DE Miami

25) Lesean McCoy, RB Philadelphia ______________75) Ladarius Webb, CB Baltimore

26) Nick Mangold, OC New York Jets _____________76) Aaron Hernandez, TE New England

27) Ed Reed, FS Baltimore_____________________77) Nnamdi Asomugha, CB Philadelphia

28) Jake Long, OT Miami ______________________78) Chris Long, DE St. Louis

29) Julius Peppers, DE Chicago ________________79) Sean Weatherspoon, ILB Atlanta

30) Steve Smith, WR Carolina __________________80) James Lauranitis, ILB St. Louis

31) Wes Welker, WR New England ______________81) AJ Green, WR Cincinnati

32) Troy Polamalu, SS Pittsburgh _______________82) Corey Webster, CB New York Giants

33) Jonathon Joseph, CB Houston ______________83) Marshal Yanda, OG Baltimore

34) Matt Forte, RB Chicago ____________________84) Calais Campbell, DE Arizona

35) Brandon Marshall, WR Chicago _____________85) James Harrison, OLB Pittsburgh

36) Brandon Flowers, CB Kansas City ___________86) Dwight Freeney, DE Indianapolis

37) Clay Matthews, OLB Green Bay ______________87) Jordy Nelson, WR Green Bay

38) Ben Roethlisberger, QB Pittsburgh____________88) Cam Newton, QB Carolina

39) Lamar Woodley, OLB Pittsburgh ______________89) Antonio Brown, WR Pittsburgh

40) Eric Weddle, FS San Diego __________________90) Derrick Johnson, ILB Kansas City

41) Ray Rice, RB Baltimore _____________________91) Evan Mathis, OG Philadelphia

42) Ray Lewis, ILB Baltimore ___________________92) Stephen Tulloch, ILB Detroit

43) Duane Brown, OT Houston __________________93) Brandon Carr, CB Dallas

44) Maurice Jones-Drew, RB Jacksonville __________94) Kyle Williams, DE/DT Buffalo

45) Hakeem Nicks, WR New York Giants __________95) Andy Lee, P San Francisco

46) Tony Romo, QB Dallas _____________________96) Jairus Byrd, FS Buffalo

47) Phillip Rivers, QB San Diego ________________97) Jerod Mayo, ILB New England

48) Ndamukong Suh, DT Detroit ________________98) Lance Briggs, OLB Chicago

49) Michael Vick, QB Philadelphia _______________99) Desean Jackson, WR Philadelphia

50) Matthew Stafford, QB Detroit ________________100) Richard Seymour, DE Oakland

Just Missed: Julio Jones, WR Atlanta, Brian Orakpo, OLB Washington, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT New York Jets, David Akers, K San Francisco

Players omitted: Peyton Manning, Mario Williams, Justin Tuck, Jay Cutler, Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry due to injury in 2011.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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