Pre-Draft Thoughts

1. JR's setup before the draft was great: picking up a TE Bennett, a LB Rivers (and bringing back Blackburn) and a decent veteran who can backup at OT Locklear. Makes it even easier/stress free to draft BPA.

2. What will make me happy in the FIRST ROUND: Offense Playmaker - in this order: TE Fleener or best WR available or Doug Martin (but I don't think Martin makes it to 32 - someone is going to scoop him up)

3. I do not want an OT at 32. Especially not Adams - OMG so many negatives about that guy.

4. If JR picks a DE then that's fine for two reasons: keep reloading that pash rush - it's the strength of the Defense and we are REALLY good at scouting and drafting DEs.

5. I've really wanted Fleener for a while now and then when I saw him on ESPN the other night yanking 2 sumo wrestlers in the air I thought "yeah Mike Pope will develop him as a better blocker." The guy is an Eli dream - fast and tall down the middle. With Martellus Bennett on the roster Bennett is the starter and Fleener can play more in the slot - for now. He will play a lot - right away - and he'll be a playmaker. I don't see anyone else at 32 who will make a bigger difference TO OUR TITLE DEFENSE NEXT YEAR. Again with Bennett around at the moment he doesn't need to be a great blocker this year. People have brought up drafting Dwayne Allen in the 2nd round. I wouldn't mind that option but I don't think he lasts to the end of the 2nd round. Once Fleener goes there will be another team that wants a TE that isn't going to risk missing Allen. I really see Fleener as our new slot guy. I hope JJ can be a new weapon but we have to wait and see. Hixon - I love the guy but after 2 new surgeries I'll believe he's the answer AFTER the season is over and he's still healthy and you all know my feelings on Bigfoot - Barden is a fraud and a figment of your imagination.

6. I DO NOT want to trade down (as I've heard be suggested). Giants DO NOT need more picks we need 3 or 4 quality players. We have enough depth that later picks are really going to have trouble making the roster. Moving up doesn't seem to make much sense unlees JR REALLY likes someone. But trading back makes no sense.

7. I hope we don't draft any LBs. We have more on the roster than we need already. No point in taking more marginal LBs. Take a 6th or 7th round flyer? Okay but I'd rather roll the dice late with some fast WRs/RBs who might be a return man.

8. Don't want to see us draft an OG at all. An OT sure, but not a Guard - I'm big on Petrus and don't think we need more depth there at the moment. We have Snee, Boothe and Petrus.

9. No Center please either. We have our center - any C picked will be very deep depth and will not contribute to earning the dynasty designation this year.

10. Why do we have to pick 32 AGAIN for the 2nd time in five years? Hmmmm - can anyone tell me? My thoughts - overall I think we must reload the offensive weaponry with our first pick. And hopefully again with either the 2nd or 3rd pick.

In JR we trust! G-Men!!!!

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