NFL Draft: SBN - Top 4 Team Draft Picks Contest!

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Speculation, rumors, prospects and draft stock... We've read it for months now, and what have we learned? Well, I learned that I really hate the time period between the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. How about you?

On April 26th, all our eyes will be firmly fixed on New York City, waiting for our favorite NFL team's draft picks. We've sliced and diced every combination imaginable in Mock drafts, right? Well how about a contest that will test your draft metal? Starting April 23th, and running till the 25th, you have a chance to prove you know your team's needs and wants. This contest is open to all SBNation NFL sites, and the prizes will be for the winner's favorite NFL team.

Welcome to the Turf Show Times "Top 4 Team Draft Picks Contest"!

Here's what you need to do to win:

***Please "Rec'd this so it will stay in the fanpost section for the next couple days.***

Predict the top four draft picks your favorite team will actually pick on NFL Draft day 2012 and win! That's it! You'll also need to pick a 5th choice to act as a tie breaker. All tie after that will be decided by a random number generator to find the one true winner!

This is a "Top 4" picks contest, so even if your team doesn't have a pick in the first round, you can still make picks that qualify. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON

What do you win? How about a replica NFL jersey with the name of the player your team takes in the first round. Plus an NFL logo wrist watch, and a team logo ball cap. All three prizes are going to ONE lucky winner!

You will need to enter your choices HERE at Turf Show Times. Even if you aren't a Turf Show Times member, you have three days to sign up so you can post your entry.

You'll need to follow this simple entry format, or your picks will be void:

In the comment section of the contest post at Turf Show Times, write:

1. Entry - (enter team name you are picking for) on the subject line.

2. List your top four picks in the comment body. List the names of the players and the round they were taken in. ***Make sure you enter a 5th pick for the tiebreaker. The fifth pick has to be the 5th player your team takes, regardless of what round that is on Draft day.

Here's an example of an entry:

Entry - St. Louis Rams

1st round - Ryan "Boom-Boom" Van Bibber

2nd Round - Joe "3k" McAtee

2nd Round - Eric "Who me?" Nagel

3rd Round - VT "dare you to get by me" Rams fan

5th pick tie breaker - Round 4 - Tev "I'll tweet till I bleed" Broner

The Rams have 4 picks in the first three rounds. So if your team has one pick in each round, you'll be making a pick in rounds 1 to 4 with a fifth round pick as your tiebreaker. The Oakland Raiders will begin with their first pick in the 3rd round this year. A total of "5" picks to each entry. Get it? Cool! Let's move on to just a couple more guidelines:

Now for the disclaimer part of the contest:

***ONE entry person, no multiple entries allowed.

*** Contest starts April 23, 2012 and ends at 9pm Central time, April 25th, 2012*****

*** All players chosen MUST be entered in the 2012 Draft. No picking Deacon Jones guys!
*** You must follow the entry post example above - No Exceptions
*** All picks are to be listed on SEPARATE lines in the comment body with the round of the pick preceding the player's name.
***If there is a tie after the 5th pick, a number will be assigned to each winner, and a random number generator will decide the outcome.
*** This contest is open to all SBN NFL sites, but if you win (other than TST winner), the burden of proving who you are falls to you. You will need to have the Head writer for your SBN site send me an e-mail from the SBN site telling me who you are. Sorry, but I had quite a few guys swindle me out of prizes last season.
*** By entering this contest, you agree that the judge's decision is final.
*** All prizes subject to availability. The choice of prize price and design is the choice of the contest host, Douglas M at Turf Show Times.
Got all that? Good! Now remember, you have three days to get your entry in to in the "NFL Draft:Turf Show Times - Top 4 Team Draft Picks Contest!" post

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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