Draft Predictions/Expectations

Here are some of my random thoughts on what we may see in this years draft. Some are of what we'll see league wide, and others are closer to home with what we may see from the Giants.


Luck and RG3 will be the first and second selections this year: Well....Duh. No need to really explain.

Trent Richardson falls a little, not a lot: Richardson is my favorite running back prospect since Peterson, and while he's not quite as explosive, he seems to have the edge in strength and is still a home run threat for sure. Thing is, the running back position has been declining in value over the years as the NFL transitions into a pass first, run second league. TRich is a Top 5 prospect, but due to lack of positional value, I expect to see him taken in about the 8-13 range, but who knows, maybe someone will trade up for him and take him a little earlier.

Michael Floyd is the first Wide Receiver picked this year: Justin Blackmon has been the consensus #1 WR for a while, but Floyd has consistently been moving up draft boards and come draft day, I think he'll be the #1 WR on many teams boards. He doesn't do much wrong, has great hands, goes up to get the ball, can be a deep threat, runs good routes, and what I personally think sets him apart from Blackmon is his ability and willingness to block down field on running plays. He's going to be a great player and will instantly upgrade any team's offense immediately. If I had to guess, I think the Jags take him if they don't trade their pick away.

Quinton Coples doesn't drop as much as he should: Don't get me wrong, I know Coples has huge amounts of talent, but he seems extremely lazy to me and since I live in the area, I watch a lot of UNC football, and it's like he takes every other play off. The dude is a freak athletically, but he doesn't appear to have any interest in football. Now that's just my own opinion, and I could be 100% wrong, but I really don't think so. Thing is, since the Giants have won 2 Super Bowls recently (in case yall didn't know), and in both of these Super Bowl runs the Giants have featured great pass rushers, teams are more likely to try and copy this formula, meaning they'll take the risk on a guy like Coples. A year or two previous, I think he falls to the early/mid twenties, but I doubt he makes it to the teens this year.

Janoris Jenkins is picked by the Patriots in the first round: He has character problems all over the place, and a bunch of red flags that say DON'T PICK HIM IN THE FIRST, but I think he winds up as a Patriot for two different reasons. The first is he's just that damn talented. Before his relocation to N. Alabama (the school, not the prison), he was shutting down guys like A.J Green, Alshon Jeffery, and Julio Jones CONSISTENTLY. Plays well in both zone and man coverage, and is very very physical. Has great instincts and is a good addition against the run as well. If not for the character issues, he'd be debated as the #1 CB in this draft. Second reason is Bill Belichick has always been a defensive-minded coach, and lately his defense has SUCKED (again, in case yall didn't know). The Pats have a horrendous secondary, and I think that Bill B. will say to hell with the concerns, lets fix our DB's. And they'll do just that with Jenkins.

The Giants will take a pass rusher if one falls: As well all know, the Giants love to keep their D-Line strong, and they do this through the draft. Kiwi, JPP, Linval, and Marvin Austin have all been early picks meant to bolster the D-Line and cause havoc for opposing offenses. This formula has worked, and with Osi and Kiwi both being free agents next year, JR will look towards the future and if a pass rusher falls, by God he'll take one. Look for the names Nick Perry, Andre Branch, and Whitney Mercilus during the draft. If the rest of the NFL doesn't go into the complete "We need a pass rusher NOW!" craze that I think they will, one of those guys will end up in blue.

Osi won't be traded during the draft: I know it's a popular idea to think of Osi being dealt for a 2nd or possibly even a 1st round pick due to his constant contract disputes and fact that JR loves his picks. In fact, I'm a proponent of trading Osi during the draft and hoping JR can squeeze great value out of whatever picks he would net for him. But I think we all know that this isn't really a JR type move. Despite everything, Osi keeps playing, and Osi keeps being productive. This season alone Osi played in 13 games (including playoffs) and has 12 sacks. JR isn't going to give up the most productive pass rusher and strip sack artist in the league when he's still this damn good for some unknown draft picks. What if JR ended up picking a guy who busts with the Osi pick, then we lose one of the best pass rushers in the league for a bust pick? Not worth it.

Look for the Giants to take a guy with character/injury concerns in the mid/late rounds: It's all about value for JR, and we all know this. Mario Manningham is a great example of this, a guy who should have been a 1st rounder falling to the 3rd. Giants scooped him up. There are plenty of guys like that in this draft that will have JR's attention during the 2nd/3rd day. Guys like Ryan Broyles, Greg Childs, and Chase Minnifield are projected to fall due to injury woes, even though they would have been 1st/2nd round picks if healthy this year.

The Giants will go BPA: It doesn't matter how many ways you look at this draft, how many different people analyze it inside and out, JR will go BPA here. Talent will fall, as it always does, and JR will grab a guy who he thinks is of great value and has potential to be a star in the Giants system. Fact is we have no idea who will be our draft pick, it's impossible to predict, because until we see who falls to the #32 spot, we really don't have a clue. But yall already knew that.

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