A Look ahead to next year (Barden & Petrus)

Recently I went looking for some film on Petrus and Barden, trying to see how likely each is to assume a greater role in the offense next year. Here's what I found:

Barden first:

Ramses Barden career highlights (via NYGiantsCentral)

This is a compilation of every single target Barden's had as a Giant. I have to admit, for the most part I like what I see. He's inconsistent, but he's never had consistent reps in the offense. If he can improve with consistent practice, I have no problem with him as the no. 3.

Mitch Petrus next:

Mitch Petrus vs Green Bay (2011) (via NYGiantsCentral)

This is game tape of Petrus from his start against the Packers this past regular season. Again, a young guy who has inconsistency issues but hasn't gotten consistent reps. But, there's a LOT to like with Petrus. Kid can run block, and as he settles in, his pass blocking improves a bunch. I particularly liked the play where GB blitzes and Petrus picks up and blocks 2 separate pass rushers. IMO, with his energy, strength, and athleticism he needs to be the LG next year.

I think there's a lot to like with both of these players. A fair amount of skepticism is warranted with Barden, but if he gets a fair shot to compete, I feel as though he can become a solid contributor to his offense. His size and long speed (not shone in the tape above, but on Cruz's 99yrd TD against the Jets, Barden runs down and then paces Cruz all the way to the end zone) provide a weapon this offense has been lacking. Petrus, on the other hand can help to bring back the edge the offensive line lost when Rich Suebert dislocated his kneecap against the redskins. I can't help but love his energy, enthusiasm, and overall athleticism.

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