The High Seas and the Low Mountains

I decided that since I haven't written a FanPost in a while (more because I had nothing of quality to write about), I'd go on an talk about the new schedules that came out. Just my opinions and thoughts on who has the hardest and easiest in the division and a breakdown of what I like and dislike about our own schedule. Take it for what I'm worth. I'm not the most knowledgeable fan out there.

1. New York Giants (courtesy of our own Ed)

Week 1 - vs. Dallas Cowboys (Wed., Sept. 5)
Week 2 - vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 3 - at Carolina Panthers (Thurs. Sept 20)
Week 4 - at Philadelphia Eagles
Week 5 - vs. Cleveland Browns
Week 6 - at San Francisco 49ers
Week 7 - vs. Washington Redskins
Week 8 - at Dallas Cowboys
Week 9 - vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 10 - at Cincinnati Bengals
Week 11 - BYE (Nov. 18)
Week 12 - vs. Green Bay Packers
Week 13 - at Washington Redskins
Week 14 - vs. New Orleans Saints
Week 15 - at Atlanta Falcons
Week 16 - at Baltimore Ravens
Week 17 - vs. Philadelphia Eagles

2. Philadelphia Eagles (courtesy of BGN - bleh)

Sunday, Sept. 9 at Cleveland
Sunday, Sept. 16 vs. Baltimore
Sunday, Sept. 23 at Arizona
Sunday, Sept. 30 vs. New York Giants
Sunday, Oct. 7 at Pittsburgh
Sunday, Oct. 14 vs. Detroit
Sunday, Oct. 21 BYE WEEK
Sunday, Oct. 28 vs. Atlanta
Monday, Nov. 5 at New Orleans
Sunday, Nov. 11 vs. Dallas
Sunday, Nov. 18 at Washington
Monday, Nov. 26 vs. Carolina
Sunday, Dec. 2 at Dallas
Sunday, Dec. 9 at Tampa Bay
Thursday, Dec. 13 vs. Cincinnati
Sunday, Dec. 23 vs. Washington
Sunday, Dec. 30 at New York Giants

3. Dallas Cowboys (courtesy of BWTB - bleh)

Week 1 (Sept 5th) Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants
Week 2 (Sept 16th) Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks
Week 3 (Sept 23rd) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 4 (Oct 1st) Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys (MNF)
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 (Oct 14th) Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens
Week 7 (Oct 21st) Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers
Week 8 (Oct 28th) New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 9 (Nov 4th) Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons (SNF)
Week 10 (Nov 11th) Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles
Week 11 (Nov 18th) Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 12 (Nov 22nd) Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 13 (Dec 2nd) Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (SNF)
Week 14 (Dec 9th) Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals
Week 15 (Dec 16th) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 16 (Dec 23rd) New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 17 (Dec 30th) Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

4. Washington Redskins (courtesy of Hog's Haven - bleh)

1 9/9/2012 Sunday @NO Saints
2 9/16/2012 Sunday @STL Rams
3 9/23/2012 Sunday CIN Bengals
4 9/30/2012 Sunday @TB Bucs
5 10/7/2012 Sunday ATL Falcons
6 10/14/2012 Sunday MIN Vikings
7 10/21/2012 Sunday @NY Giants
8 10/28/2012 Sunday @PIT Steelers
9 11/4/2012 Sunday CAR Panthers
10 11/11/2012 Sunday BYE
11 11/18/2012 Sunday PHI Eagles
12 11/22/2012 Thursday @Dallas Cowboys
13 12/3/2012 Monday NY Giants
14 12/9/2012 Sunday BAL Ravens
15 12/16/2012 Sunday @CLE Browns
16 12/23/2012 Sunday @PHI Eagles
17 12/30/2012 Sunday
DAL Cowboys

*Home games are bolded.
** The differences in the schedule are italicized

NOTE: Sorry that they are all different in their respective ways. I got it from the site and didn't know how to change them.
Now, because I'm kinda bored and it would be a waste of a FanPost without some of my clueless analytics, I guess I'd go and talk about the differences or something like that.
First of all, I though there were 3-4 teams that we played different from the other teams in the division but I guess I'm either wrong of they changed it. Either way, I'll rank him, based on my thoughts, on hardest to easiest in comparison to the others.

Hardest - New York Giants

That's expected, reigning Super Bowl champs should get the hardest schedule of the four. Green Bay Packers and San Fransico 49ers? Yeah that's definitely the toughest, both teams we had to battle to get through the Super Bowl. Two teams definitely wanting revenge. Two teams most likely expected to go deep in the playoffs. Also note that the 49ers game is away which is followed by a divisional match up with the Redskins, for better or worse.

Easiest - Washington Redskins

Were you expecting something different? Now that I think about it, this could really be kind of a useless analysis, best team gets hardest, worst gets the easiest. Anyway, Rams and Vikings should be no problem for the Redskins, who have the #3 pick in this year's draft I believe. Most likely Grossman is replaced and they get some new hotshot QB to replace him. That's already a big upgrade.

2nd Hardest -

The other two are kinda of harder to pick the harder of the two, but I think I'll go with the Philadelphia Eagles who are facing the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals. You might disagree, and its cool because you probably know more that me, but I'm still thinking the Lions are a nice team on the rise and although the Cowboys host the Bears, I'm thinking the Cards beat out the Seahawks as the harder away game based purely on gut feeling. I know nothing of the two teams, but unless there was some major FA signing I missed, I think the Cards are the tougher team. Paired that with the Lions who did pretty damn well last year, I say Eagles got the 2nd toughest schedule. Add that to the fact they are facing FOUR teams coming off bye weeks and I now am thinking that the Eagles easily have a harder schedule than the Cowboys.


Because I feel like that isn't enough, I think I'll just go ahead and talk about what I, clearly the most knowledgeable on this topic, think of the schedule.

Rougher than you guys make it out to be.

Yeah, yeah, we're Super Bowl champs, but we can't get too cocky again. Sure we beat all those teams last year, but its a new year, anything can happen. You certainly weren't expecting us in the Super Bowl last year, I know you didn't. Especially after that devastating preseason. Maybe near the beginning of the playoffs you had lots of hope, and after that first half of the year when we went HAM on everyone and Eli was all like, "Yo, Is it the 4th Quarter yet? I can't wait to go beast mode." (lol, sorry for the "young" language.)

Lemme start off with saying I do not like Thursday games. I hate em, Sunday is football day. Thursday means less days to prepare, and its not Sunday. And did they really have games on Wednesday? I was not aware, or didn't care until I wrote this. Anyway, so the first week we start off on Wednesday and play the next game next Sunday. That's a huge 10 day break. I think that's great for a beginning segment of the schedule because I doubt we have momentum after one game. So I'm cool with that. But then again, its the Cowboys and then the Bucs. Both games should be wins.

Oh lookie, next week another Thursday game. So we face the Panthers after 4 days after the Bucs. Do I like it? No, I hate Thursday games. Is it doable? Hell yeah, although it won't be as easy as you think. So a 10 day rest followed by a 4 day break, fascinating. Want to mess with the Giants players any more NFL?

I wasn't not planning on going through every game and its winnablity or whatnot, and I'm not going. Too much can change. Just a general overview of our schedule and my opinions and thoughts. Let's carry on, shall we?

Let's head on out all the way to Week 8. History tells us that we do great the first half, and decide to sink the 2nd half, leaving everyone to think we can't win big. Up to Week 8 I believe we could have a pretty damn good record. Now it gets interesting, as usual. This part of the schedule, although it usually scares me (by usual I mean the last year because before then I was a blind Giants fan who knew farts about the team). This is where I like the position of our bye week. If the Giants do start off the 2nd half bad, and go 0-2. Hypothetical, yet reasonable as we play the Steelers and Bengals, both who I believe will be above average teams this year. Any downward, spiraling, flailing hopelessness that is obtained in those two losses, any bad thoughts or drama about their 2nd half woes, could be ended by the excellent positioning of the bye week. We get a week to relax, calm down, get our heads focused. Same applies for 1-1 with an embarrassing blowout or something. Now if we start 2-0, yay, we may not have our usual 2nd half woes! Plus, it works as a reliever for the upcoming BRUTAL remaining schedule.

4 teams most likely making the playoffs and 2 division rivals which are must wins undoubtedly, including a game against the Eagles in the final week which could make or break us that year, depending on our situation. Also a MNF against the Redskins followed by the Saints on a semi-shortened week, although thankfully (maybe) we are at home and will not need to travel far for that week (Washington to Meadowlands). Sometimes we fair well down the stretch and sometimes we don't. Hopefully this year it works out for us and we can go to the playoffs and make some noise.

Quickly, what I dislike:

  • 10 day break followed by a short 4 day week to start
  • Our MNF game is against the Redskins, what a waste
  • We have the toughest schedule, again
  • No NE or Jetsies
  • Brutal last stretch

What I like:

  • Bye week positioning
  • Weird resting days is at the start, rather than in the middle
  • We get the Weds/Thursday games out of the way early
  • Last game is against Philly, should be epic
  • We are the NY Giants
  • Brutal last stretch
  • Easy beginning schedule
  • Not once do we play a team coming off of a bye

To end this insanely long post, overall I like how our schedule is laid out, and it will most likely be tough, but I can't give you a specific prediction record as I need to know what happens in the draft and possibly preseason. I can't make final judgement with my limited knowledge, but this is all I got. Hope it was wort something to you all and some sense. But to end on a Giants-related note...

Back to backs? Can't say I'm not pumped for this season.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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