Farley's Friday Football Fodder

NFL player Terrell Owens attends NBA All-Star Saturday night presented by State Farm at Staples Center on February 19 2011 in Los Angeles California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Good afternoon fellow New York Giants fans. We're starting a new Friday column as of today, just to hit on some NFL news and commentary you may have missed, or some hot topics worth discussing.

So Yahoo's Michael Silver thinks the Saints' assignment of Joe Vitt to be interim head coach is a bad idea and kind of sticks the middle finger at Roger Goodell. I have to say, I agree. It sends kind of a weird message to Goodell, like, "We're going to replace our suspended coach with another guy you suspended, because you only suspended this guy for six games." If the Saints were willing to hand Bill Parcells the reins for a year, why wouldn't they look for an alternate option to the Tuna before going in house with a move Goodell will surely remember? Plus, now they have to figure out who will coach the team for the first six games anyway.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is keeping track of players who have filed suit against the NFL due to concussions, and his unofficial tally is around 1200. Holy moly, that's a lot of head injuries. I hate to say it, but I'm going to steer my kid toward baseball and soccer when he's old enough to play sports.

We already know Eli Manning is a class act, but how about this move by his brother Peyton? Dude called a handful of reporters in Indy who have covered his career the last 14 years to thank them and to say goodbye, and to relay that to the fans. Players who make the kind of money Manning makes rarely make gestures like this. But can you imagine taking that call? I'm pretty sure I'd be picking my jaw up off my desk.

I know some of you still poke fun at that whole T.O./Tony Romo "That's my quarterback" bit. Well did you catch what Terrell said on ESPN Dallas? If you missed it, check this out:

"With that situation, dude, I've kind of lost my respect for that situation," Owens said. "Man, that's a guy I shed tears for, I went to bat for. Then obviously, ultimately I'm not in Dallas anymore and I know he definitely had a hand in that. So, again, it's one of those things that you kind of just have to bite your tongue and keep moving on, you know what I mean?"

The thing is, T.O. said this when asked if he might return to the Cowboys. And he said Romo's the reason why that won't happen. Okay. So what about the other 31 teams?

I just saw this about A.J. Smith wanting to make deals on draft day. And I thought to myself, how the hell does this guy still have a job in San Diego? And how the the hell does Norv Turner still have a job in San Diego? I still think Marty got the shaft, and I am willing to bet many Bolts fans feel the same way. For that matter, I bet they're pissed these days that they traded Eli away.

Vince Young thinks he can still be a starter in the NFL. Considering his track record against us, I wouldn't mind seeing Young play in the CFL. Or maybe the Arena League. And he can take Rex Grossman with him.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you live in the path of the violent storms that are expected, please be careful and hunker down. And make sure you have lots of beer and jerky.

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