Chandler Jones vs Jason Pierre Paul

InvictiusIX or Big Blue Intervention as he use to be recently did an excellent write up for Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones. Jones is a player that I've become increasingly convinced really intrigues the Giants at end of round one in the 2012 NFL Draft. Yesterday Ralph Vacchiano wrote up something about how Osi Ueminyora doesn't want to be a back-up and there has long been tension about his contract and his value. Osi Ueminyora's contract also ends after the 2012 N.F.L. season and based on the projected cap space right now the Giants well be letting Umeinyora leave via free Agency. Mathias Kiwanuka will also be a free agent and the Giants could be looking towards the future as they often do in the draft, and strongly consider a DE at the end of round one.

The Defensive end that fits what the Giants look for more than any other defensive end in this draft is Syracuse DE Chandler Jones.

Jerry Reese has said more than once that the biggest indicator to pass rushing success in the N.F.L. is arm length.

Chandler Jones' arms measured in at 35.5 inches long at the combine. For perspective--Jason Pierre Paul's arm length is 34.75" inches.

Yeah, Jones arms are freakishly long. Tom Brady said during the Superbowl "it's like throwing into a forest" with the length of the Giants DE if Jones arms are nearly an inch longer than Pierre Paul's what does that make his arms? Skyscrapers?

At the combine Pierre Paul measured in at 6'5 270 pounds, Jones measured in at 6'5 266 pounds.

Below you'll find a comparison of the two players combine numbers.

Player A

4.71 forty yard dash, 19 bench press reps, 30.5" vertical, 115" broad jump, 7.18 3 cone drill, 4.67 20 yard shuttle

Player B

4.87 forty yard dash, 22 bench press reps, 35" vertical, 120" broad jump, 7.07 3 cone drill, 4.38 2o yard shuttle

Which combine numbers are better?

Player A has a faster 40 yard dash, but has worse numbers in every other category.

Player B seems to be stronger and based on the numbers more explosive, just not as fast.

Player A is Jason Pierre Paul. Player B is Chandler Jones.

Jones is longer, stronger, and more explosive in short areas than Jason Pierre Paul based on the numbers--to say that he might intrigue the Giants is probably an understatement. I think Pierre Paul though is actually more explosive on tape, so I was surprised to see how the numbers played out.

Yesterday, Mike Mayock came out and said that Chandler Jones is a mid-first round pick.

It might get boring watching the Giants draft a DE what seems like every year, but be prepared if Chandler Jones is available at #32 he fits the Giants profile for defensive ends because of his exceptionally long arms and plus athletic ability. The Giants also probably realize he won't be available in round two and they very well could end up drafting Chandler Jones, the DE out of Syracuse with the 32nd pick of the N.F.L. draft.

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