Film Study-OT- (Mike Adams)

I decided to add my own thoughts to BBIXI's film study series. Like Invictus, I am not an NFL scout, nor am I Mayock, Nor am I BBIXI.

As you may have figured out from the title, this is about Offensive Tackles: What to look for, and what you don't want to see.

Physical Attributes:

Body) Offensive Tackles are supposed to be big guys. What I like to see is a height somewhere between 6'4" and 6"7. Height is important for a couple reasons. First, it allows them to be more massive without hurting their athleticism. Next, you want your OT's to be able to fend off defensive linemen, which means length. Tall guys are naturally going to be longer, and tend to have longer arms. Weight is important as well (300lbs being the bare minimum), but guys shouldn't be so big that it hinders movement.

Athleticism) OT's need to combine quickness with power and agility. They need to be able to fire off the ball in the run game, but match up with rushers in the passing game. They also need to be flexible enough to get leverage/play with a good pad level.

Historically, Left Tackles have needed greater athleticism in order to pass protect against athletic DE's and OLB's, while Right Tackles have needed power for the running game. However, with all the exotic blitzes and the growth of the passing game, I look for both tackles to be athletic and powerful.

Mental Attributes:

Technique: I'm looking for guys who can sit into their stance and bend well to help generate leverage. After the snap I want to see their feet moving like a sewing machine and their hands high and active. Violent first contact is important, but disciplined hand use is vital to avoid holding calls.

Nastiness: I want to see guys who not only make their blocks violently, but sustain them through the whistle, or if the play requires, get to the second level and make the second or 3rd blocks that lead to big plays

Now, lets look at an OT that is commonly mocked to the Giants in the 1st round: Mike Adams (#75). In this case he's going up against Michigan State, and Vinny Curry (a good, but not great, pass rusher)

Vinny Curry vs Ohio State (via JMPasq)

0:14- Sinks his hips well in his stance, but is very upright. A step late off the snap and Curry beats him immediately. Goes into chase mode but Pryor steps into the pocket avoiding the rush.

0:22- Upright again. Some indecision about who to block. Fast pass though.

0:28- Immediately stands up and pushes Curry away, but does not sustain the block

0:39- Running play. Adams actually gets low in his stance, and comes off the ball well. Sustains his block, but blocks the end back towards the play.

1:12- Decent stance again. Comes off the ball a bit slow. Over-extends and falls on his face. Luckily the play went to the opposite side of the field.

1:18- Low in his stance. Pops up and after his initial punch settles back on his heels. Can't recover in time to keep Curry away from Pryor.

1:27- New O Line

2:16- Adams back in- Good stance, but slow off the snap. Soundly beat, over-extends and almost falls. Pryor sacked

2:49- Upright again. Quick off snap, kick-slides, but feet look sluggish. Okay punch/hand use. Designed run away from

2:59- Good stance. Gets out in space okay, makes his block but over-extends and almost falls again. Sustains his block once he recovers.

3:08- Good stance and decent off the snap. First punch is okay, but he over-extends (tries to hold) and falls on his face as Curry almost makes the sack

3:27- Upright again. Very fast pass. Decent punch.

3:34- Decent stance. Gets out in space (a tad sluggishly)... doesn't block anyone (maybe the play ended too quickly)

3:40- Upright. Good kick-slide/footwork. Hands a little low. Keeps the pass-rusher at bay, but it turns into a QB run.

3:49- Upright. Gets beat off the line and abandons the kick-slide after 2 steps. Over-extends and tries to grab.

3:58- Okay Stance, maybe a tad upright. Gets out in space fairly quickly and makes a solid block.

4:18- Upright again. Decent off the snap, but feet are a tad sluggish. Sustains his block well though.

4:28- Good stance. Comes off the ball well and makes his block. Hand use is okay... boarderline holding. Good leverage though

4:51- Upright again. Decent off the ball, good kick-slide. Hand use is a bit sloppy (outside of pads). Not much else to be seen

5:05- Upright. Gets back quickly, but “boxes” with the pass-rusher. Doesn't hold block when Pryor rolls out.

5:15- Good Stance. Fires off the ball, then abandons his block (his man makes the stop)

5:22- Okay stance. Comes off the snap well, and decent punch. Kick-slide is okay, but abandoned after punch. Gets over-extended when the pass-rusher reverses, stumbles a bit.

5:32- Good stance. Comes off the ball well, and punches well, but allows his man to get back to the play.

5:39- not on field

5:47-not on field

Conclusion: Mike Adams is regarded as a " Big Physical Freak" of a left tackle. Personally, I don't see a tremendous amount of athleticism in his play, lacking tremendous quickness off the snap, and sluggish footwork. His performance at the NFL Scouting Combine confirms this to me.

Likewise, I see technique problems from the ground up, and a disconcerting tendency to give up on, or abandon blocks. His biggest asset is that he's big.

For me, Mike Adams is an example of what not to do, and is in no way worthy of a 1st round selection.

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