New York Giants Fans Public Enemy #1

So on ESPN Dallas I saw a bracket style tournament that featured Dallas's public enemy #1, with our own Eli Manning currently going against Dwayne Wade. This got me to wondering who Giants fan's public enemy number one is, so I thought of two players from our division rivals, and two of our players who we have grown to hate because of their antics, idiocy, and general douchebaggery. Here are the candidates.

Philadelphia Eagles - Every Giants fan hates the Eagles as a team, but I do not hate every member of the team, for example, I hold no hate in my heart towards someone like Nnamdi Asomugha, he has always been a classy guy throughout his NFL career. There are two Eagles players that every Giants fan should hate, however.

Eagles candidate #1


DeSean Jackson has always been a thorn in the Giants side every time the Eagles play us, not only is he a player who is a threat to score at any time, but he is a total punk who does everything to show off, taunt, and annoy the other team. When Dunta Robinson drilled him in the head so hard that he went to the locker room I cheered, and did not feel guilty about it afterwards.

Eagles Candidate #2


"You cannot come up with a defense to stop me" - Michael Vick

Michael Vick has been the Eagles QB for two years now, and while we beat him week 3, I will always hate him for the Meadowlands disaster last season. While he was with the Falcons, I never liked him he always seemed like an assclown, but then the dogfighting story came out, and he ended up being one of the most disliked athletes in sports. I hope the 100 million dollar contract they gave him is a total waste after they realize he cant stay healthy for all 16 games.

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys have always been tied for my least favorite team ever since I was a little Giants fan and my father taught me how to hate them. I hate how they are called America's Team, I hate their media hype EVERY season, I hate how they are always mediocre, yet the media hypes them up again every offseason, I hate their huge, extravagant stadium, and I hate Jerry Jones.

Dallas Cowboys candidate #1


Tomy Romo always is in the conversation for the top 5 QBs in the NFL EVERY SEASON, until he blows the game for his team. There is nothing in football that I love more than seeing Romo's "Oops, I cost the team the game again" face. I wonder how many more blown games, failed expectations, and game sealing INTs it will take for Jerry to tell Romo to go away.

Dallas Cowboys Candidate #2


Jerruh's dumb, infuriating face is synonymous with the Dallas Cowboy's franchise. I hate the Cowboys so I must hate the man who made them who they are today. He bleeds extravagance, pomp and circumstance, and is one of the most disliked owners in the NFL. He is the exact opposite of John Mara because he does everything he can to meddle in the affairs of his team, and his own fans criticize him for that. Ever since he took over the Cowboys he has been making dumb draft decisions and football decisions after another. Trading all those draft picks for Roy Williams is a perfect example of this.

Washington Redskins - While they are a division rival, I have not hated them as much as I think they are a joke. I feel sorry for their fans that they have to put up with Snyder's terrible decisions, and that they are always assured that no matter how much this year sucks, next season will be worse. They beat us twice this year however, and now I have gone back to hating them.

Washington Redskins Candidate #1


Rex Grossman was one of the worst starting QBs in the league last year, yet he played his two best games of the season again us. I still have no idea how he picked apart our defense both times, but he did it, and now I hope we get our sweet revenge next year if he is still the starter.

Washington Redskins Candidate #2


This man makes me sorry for the poor Redskins. Although he is probably not the Giants public enemy #1, he is still a giant douche and will continue to make stupid decisions that will run his franchise into the ground. Actually, I hope he remains the Redskins owner for years to come, so they can remain in their rightful place as the punching bag of the NFC East.

New York Giants - Why would I include our own team in this FanPost full of asshats, douchecanoes, and lowlife scum? Well there are two particular individuals I feel have pissed off Giants fans so much that they must be included.

New York Giants Candidate #1


Our franchises leading rusher was beloved by every Giants fan during his time with the Giants, especially me, I idolized the guy. But after he retired and bashed Eli and Coughlin I could not believe it. I could not believe the total lack of loyalty and respect he showed the team that made him who he was, and myself and the rest of that fans at that day at the Meadowlands let him have it when he was inducted into the ring of honor. After that, there were various stories of his nonsense such as when he dumped his pregnant wife to run off with a 20 something college intern and when he said the "c-word" on live television. What a guy.

New York Giants Candidate #2


Jeremy Shockey was a great Tight End his first few years with the Giants, I liked him so much that I didn't mind his me first attitude, his stupid remarks to the press, his dumb antics on the field. Then he got held back by injuries and never kept his mouth shut, I think he hampered Eli's development by constantly asking for the ball to be thrown in his direction. After receiving a super bowl ring he didn't earn, he got into an argument with Reese and was traded to the Saints, where he won a ring with them as well. He is the biggest diva in New York Giants history and his douchebaggery is evidenced by his funny twitter war with Toomer.

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