Grading the 2011 Giants Draft Class (WITH POLL!!!)

We are going to go deep into the playoffs

-jdaking123, April 28, 2011: 10:28 PM

It's a pretty simple question; how do you feel about the previous year's draft class?

After our draft, I didn't feel as high on Prince as every other Giant fan in the world (I mean, going "deep into the playoffs"? C'mon man!), and none of our other picks really did much for me, and that didn't really change much during the season. Let's do this shit. On a scale of one to ten:

Prince Amukamara - Remember Prince's first play where he picked off Vince Young? Remember how excited we were until we saw the replay and realized how much Vince crapped the bed and practically handed the ball to Prince. Yeah...

Anyway, Prince was a disappointing this year. He was supposed to be an instant difference maker, and yet he blew coverages all year and generally played like crap all year. I have no doubt he'll improve next year, but for now, he gets a 4.

Marvin Austin - Can't wait to see him next year. N/A

Jerrel Jernigan - He seemed to be a decent KR man late in the year, but I don't see him being a viable replacement for Manningham. 4.

James Brewer - Can't wait to see him next year (well I actually can since he's an offensive lineman, but you get the point). N/A.

Greg Jones - Now we're getting somewhere. He showed he can come in and stop the run (and run stoppers are my kind of guys). He can't do much else, but I'd say he turned out pretty well for a sixth rounder. 5.5.

Tyler Sash - Was a competent special teamer and was able to occupy space on defense when needed in a pinch. 4.6.

Jacquian Williams - Seemed like the better of the two LBs picked, but still not that great. We'll be able to tell next year if he's worth keeping around or not. 6

Da'Rel Scott - Didn't seem worth keeping from what we've seen. 3.4.

Averaging that all out, they get a 4.58, which I'll round up to a 5. I'm not complaining though, since all these guys have already hoisted the Lombardi Trophy (though I do hope our '12 class turns out better!).

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