My Giants Ideal Mock Draft

Hey guys its EliManCrushing as my old handle on here was, I don't fan post often here so when I do I go a bit in-depth to get all my thoughts out so hopefully you have a few minutes to absorb, enjoy, and react.

We all have our Giants ideal mock drafts, but mine is much different than most here at Big Blue View. I have so much confidence in Eli Manning and the offense that I hope the Giants again address the defense early and often in the 2012 NFL Draft. And even though I like a few running backs and wouldn't complain if one was taken second round, I think they are fine addressing that position late--not like D.J. Ware is going anywhere anyway. He gets a lot of love from the Giants for being an average football player. Maybe he has compromising pictures of Coughlin? Who knows. Hopefully he's as good as the Giants seem to think he is this year.

Since Eli Manning has become the starting QB for the New York Giants, the Giants have perennially been a top 10 offense, but little known is the fact that the Giants have only been a top 10 defense (yards or points) ONE time since 2005. That year was 2008. Not coincidentally the Giants went 12-4. In 2005 they won 11 games that year they gave up less than 20 points per game-only the second time they gave up 20 or less points in a season. The only two years the Giants have given up less than 20 points per game they have won 12 and 11 games. Now in the 2007 and 2011 the Giants defense gelled late, thankfully, and the Giants were able to win Superbowls, but I'd like to see a consistent defense throughout the year. One that allows the Giants to win a lot of games by keeping opponets out of the end zone, because I know either way the Giants are getting into the end-zone and hopefully get back to another Superbowl.

Eli Manning's terrific.The OL needs some re-working, but they have been drafting guys the past few years and I think they're ready for someone to step-up. I'm also not overly concerned with the WR corps, or who plays TE like Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning, Eli just makes players better. Barden and Jernigan are talented I expect one to be able to replicate Manningham's numbers from last year. I'm not saying the Giants should ignore the offense completely, but if it's up to me the focus in the early part of the draft should be DE-Fense.

My Complete big board is here and the entire draft order is here. Each player's name is linked to the scouting report I've written up for that player, but for all the picks I've given a pretty good over-view of the prospect. If you're interested in chatting with me anytime about the Giants or the draft feel free to hit me up on twitter @NFLMocks

This post is rather lengthy, but hopefully you'll enjoy.

Round 1 Pick 32 - Mark Barron, S, Alabama

This is not my absolute ideal pick, that would be South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore, but he's rising out of range. Today Mayock called him a "top 15 pick". I also assume players like Kendall Wright. Alshon Jefferey David DeCastro, and Peter Konz are all gone. It would also be absolutely ideal for either Konz or DeCastro to fall to the Giants, and both are possible because of positional value, but I doubt either falls. I am FOR the Giants drafting Mike Adams either. It's hard to find talented LT at the second half of the first round and this year because of Adam's issues he could be available. Though what few insights I have into teams via sources lead me to believe Adams won't fall past the Steelers.

Now, onto Barron.

As a man who is married to a long time Buffalo Bills fan since 2005, I've watched many a Bills game. During that time Perry Fewell was integral to the Bills defense as a defensive coordinator. I've learned this much is certain about Fewell--The three safety system Fewell has shown off in New York is not a fad. It's a staple of his defense. Mark Barron is a top 20 player on my big board and fits in perfect with Fewell's system. I think he will make a ton of plays in Deon Grant's role in 2012. The safety depth on this team terrifies me-an injury to Kenny Phillips or Antrel Rolle and we're banking on Tyler Sash or a Derrik Martin type. ..It could be C.C. Brown part deux.

If the Giants are confident Chad Jones will be useful this year and moving forward Barron is not needed. But Kenny Phillips will be a Free Agent next year and Rolle could be a cap causality as well. It is likely the Giants are looking for a new starting safety in 2013. Barron will get on the field a lot as a rookie and will start at one of the safety spots in the near future. I'd love to see Barron wearing Big Blue next year.

Yes the Giants have two starting safeties right now, but the Giants basically start three and relying on Sash is very risky to me.

Round 2, Pick 63 - Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson

At points during the 2011 College Football Season, Thompson was considered an early first round prospect, which was insane. But now the opposite has happened. People are underrating him. While he's not a top 25 prospect, he's a very solid early second round prospect, yet I've seen him routinely fall to the third round in live mock drafts.

Jerry Reese recently said something to the affect of "We're worried about Marvin Austin because he hasn't played in two years....[ dreaded vote of confidence]." Which is an indication to me the Giants could be looking DT early.

Like Rolle, DT Canty could be a cap causality in the near future. Right now too if you look at the Giants depth chart the DT are Canty, Linval Joseph, and Marvin Austin. That is a very quality top three, but there is no depth after that and who knows what Marvin Austin will be this year? Thompson offers good value at this point in the draft and it's very possible he'll be available. Adding Thompson would allow the Giants to overcome any injuries to the the defensive tackle position and also continue to upgrade the trenches. Thompson is a better pass rusher than he's given credit for, but more so a guy who can really occupy blockers and make big plays in the run game.

As an aside. If Chandler Jones is available it feels like there is zero chance the Giants pass on him if they didn't draft a DE in the first round. (His 35.5" long arms are absolutely ridiculous).

Round 3, Pick 94 -- Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami Hurricanes

Tommy Streeter reminds me of Darrius Heyward Bey, but bigger, stronger, and with better hands. Streeter has a unique combination of size and speed (6'5 and ran an official 4.40 forty yard dash) and does a good job of going up and making plays on the football. I realize a comparison to DHB would scare people of, but DHB is finally coming around and I believe that if he was working with a QB like Eli Manning/Tom Brady he would have been better from the start. It is possible that someone looks at his raw potential and gambles on him earlier, but I think with how deep the WR class is he could be available at this juncture. The Giants don't have an offensive weapon like Streeter and is raw physical ability is intriguing to me and his presence could help the Giants brace against any potential loss of Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz to A) injury or B) free agency over the next two years. Ramses Barden was big, but he has a fraction of the speed Streeter does.

Round 4, Pick 127 - Audie Cole, LB, North Carolina State

And we're back to defense. Cole is a lengthy, smart and productive linebacker that played at North Carolina State. Watching his 2011 tape is misleading because he was forced to play inside and didn't show off all of his abilities. Looking back at 2010 though you can see a player that is at home on the outside. He uses his length to stack and shed blockers and make big plays. He has a knack for causing fumbles and is tough-he played with a cast in 2010. Cole has some pass rush abilities (10.5 sacks the last two years and over 20 combines tackles for loss) and is one of a very few players I would draft to play Strong-side OLB in a 43 defense. This guy doesn't get a lot of publicity and doesn't have the speed to play sideline-to-sideline, but the bottom line is he creates a ton of splash plays and I think that continues in the N.F.L.

The Giants seem content moving forward with Kiwanuka playing LB, but I'd love to have a more natural 43 SAM linebacker who can really pay against the run.

Round 4, Pick 131 (compensatory pick) - Mitchell Schwartz, OL, Cal

Schwartz is a guy the casual football fan might not know but one that scouts are well aware of. Schwartz could end up in the third round or potentially even higher, but it's also possible he's available in the late fourth round because of a lingering nagging back issue that has some scouts and teams worried. Schwartz is best suited on the right side, but he has good size, is tenacious, and really understands angles-the Giants could consider him eventually as a LT. He has solid length and big hands. A potential 10 year starter at Right tackle and he provides competition for James Brewer/Daivd Diehl this year.

Round 5, Pick 167 -- Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor

At one point Ganaway was an emerging player. Right after the Baylor-Washington bowl game, twitter was all abuzz about Ganaway being a third round pick. That was a classic in-the-moment-reaction. Ganaway is a big bruising running back who is strictly a two down running back in the N.F.L. His absolute ceiling is the fourth round, but I think it's more likely he's a fifth or sixth round pick. Ganaway looks like Michael Turner, but plays more like Brandon Jacobs. He is a non-factor in the passing game, and has no special teams value but he can come in and get some tough yardage. He could also break a few long runs a year (like Jacobs) but will never be a home run threat. I'm not taking a running back early because Da'Rell Scott was very high on my board the year before and still believe he can do something very well. (I had a late 3rd round grade on him). I'm not a huge fan of D.J. Ware though he'll get his shot next year. Hopefully Ganaway will run like Brandon Jacobs early in his career when he was trying to prove he belonged in the N.F.L and not like the last two years where it seemed, at times, he was running to prolong his career.

Round 6, Pick 201 -- Kevin Koger, TE, Michigan

A guy who is a bit raw, but has NFL size and nice athletic ability. He's 6'5 250 pounds. He is not a guy who creates tons of separation with tremendous speed, but catches the ball well in traffic. A guy who is a pretty good blocker and someone who can really develop with the Giants. The Giants have a history of drafting late round guys and making them serviceable TEs. Koger might take a little time, but could be really valuable by season's end.

Round 7, Pick -- 239 Austin Davis, QB, Southern Miss

One of my favorite developmental QB prospects. What Davis lacks in size and arm strength he makes up with gritty play and accuracy. Davis has been supremely productive at Southern Mississippi breaking some of Brett Favres records. Davis reminds me of Ryan Fitzpatrick without the Ivy League education. The Giants have been using David Carr as their back up quarterback for the past few years, but haven't developed and molded a young QB in awhile. Davis could be that player. Potentially he's Eli Manning's career back-up or the Giants develop him and flip him to another team in the future for draft picks.

One Late round Bonus name to watch for Quarterbacks is Albany Quarterback Dan Di Lella.

A media guy I chat with online once in awhile quoted a Giants scout raving about Dan DiLella. Here's a New York Post article on him.


Let me know what you think or what your ideal Giants mock draft is. I'm sure it's different, and there are many directions the Giants could take that I would feel were justified and will lead to glory. This is just my preferred path. Feel free to follow me on twitter @NFLmocks as well.

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