My Flight With Mike Mayock

[Note by Ed Valentine, 03/28/12 9:32 AM EDT : Fun stuff here from 'Larry Soprano.']

So I had flight for business down south today. When I got to the gate moments before boarding at the Philadelphia Airport I recognized NFL Analyst Mike Mayock was waiting for my same flight to Columbia, SC.

For those of you who do not know, Mike Mayock is originally from Philadelphia and played Safety at Boston College many moons ago. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1981 and played safety for our NY Giants from 1982-1983. He has since gone on to have a successful career in broadcasting and working as an analyst for the

NFL Network.9516969-large_medium

So while I’m at the gate I turn to my business associate and say, "Hey that’s Mike Mayock". He had no clue who he was, so after I explained to him he pointed to Mike's bags and said, "I guess you’re right." Mike had this huge tag on his luggage with MAYOCK written in sharpy.

So I tweeted that Mike was going to be on my flight and asked if any of my small handful of followers had questions for him?

Who was the first to respond? Yup, you guessed it…BBI. Andiamo replied with a laugh. So I tweeted with BBI to figure out where he was headed. Sure enough, the Gamecocks have their Pro Day tomorrow. BBI asked me to "Tell him Alshon sux so he destroys him on TV, killing his draft stock so we can get him."

Unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to approach him prior to boarding, so I thought my window was closed. However, upon boarding I happened to sit exactly one row behind him on the plane. Once we were airborne and he had finished reading the sports section of the paper and finished downing and entire bag or sour gummy bears (seriously, I was impressed. I checked the newspaper stand leaving the airport and a 10 oz. bag is well over 1000 calories.) I decided to approach him.


I introduced myself, shook his hand and said that I recognized him from his work on NFL Network. He was very polite and seemed pleased to be meeting a football fan. I confirmed that he was travelling down to SC’s Pro Day tomorrow and attempted to pick his brain. I asked if there was any stand outs he was looking forward to seeing and he replied with the fairly non-descript "I’m looking forward to seeing all of the kids that are participating". I mentioned Ingram, and he said "Yeah, obviously" and he then offered up that he really likes their CB. Gilmore I asked? He replied with "yeah, I really like him".


It was at this point that I informed him that I was a Giants fanatic.


I asked him who he liked falling to the Giants and he gave me the whole "well it’s a long process and who knows how it will shape up at the end of the first round." So I then asked him about who he was looking at tomorrow that might interest the Giants, I asked if he thought Alshon Jeffery would make it to the Giants.


"I’d be shocked if Jeffery was selected in the 1st round." is what he told me.

I asked him really? Even if he runs a fast 40 tomorrow? He told me, "He’s not fast. He really isn’t. He’s had weight issues, up and down, and I don’t think that even a fast 40 time will bump his stock to the first round."

At this point I figured I bugged him enough, so I thanked him for his time and shook his hand and he said it was his pleasure.

I know there are many that probably don’t agree with his assessment, but I thought it was pretty cool that we had this little exchange. I’m sure in the back of his mind he was thinking, who is this mongo that thinks he knows anything. But, he was a real nice guy.

After we landed and we started to grab our bags he turned to me and said "it was a pleasure meeting you and good luck at #32."


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