Team BBV

I'm really bored since the Giants decided to, for the 2nd year in the row, hit the NFC East cellar in the offseason playoffs.

This post probably reflects that. Nothing insightful here, but I figured we'd play a little game.

Create a football team using only members of BBV. Use any number of spots. Give creative reasoning as to why. Do something, people! My team is after the jump.

Disclaimer: Didn't include everybody because there's only so many spots I can think of. Please don't be offended if you aren't mentioned in here, because you are mentioned in my heart. Also, I am not creative. Y'all can do much better.

Owner: Ed Valentine (duh!)

Head Referee: brisulph (the canadian that wields the hammer of warnings)

Public Relations: Sean Kerr and Mike Farley (Sean gets the scoop on BBV-TV and Farley gets us all the outsider info from the news updates every morning)

GM: ct17 (Resident capologist and one of the resident draftniks - awesome at it, too)

Front Office Capologist: Pool Messi (This man recognizes we're screwed! Kidding. But not really)

Head Scout 1: #56 for life (Go to MtD and read this kid's comments - he knows his stuff)

Head Scout 2: Blue Gates (All he does is scheme, scheme, scheme)

Head Scout 3:: WillGFass (Goes to all sorts of places to gather information about the enemy)

Head Coach: 56THEREALLT (He knows everything. Sanu)

Head Analyst 1: TNYFBG (He has his "sources")

Head Analyst 2: CasanovaWong (Has his "sources" too, those mysterious blue boxes of information...)

Cheerleader: BB1156 (Dude never takes a day off from "Let's Go Giants!")

Field Crew leader: Troy O (I see him all the time at GangGreenNation, no doubt getting into shenanigans and screwing with the little brother that pays us rent)

Offensive Coordinator: Rorschach44 (My man is brilliant, I do find it hilarious how many people find him "offensive" though)

Defensive Coordinator: GhostDini (This dude knows some friggin' defense. He will kick your ass in a debate)

WRs Coach: Me (Favorite position in football. I know my WRs. Hakeem Nicks' biggest fan.)

DBs Coach: andiamo (Go ahead and tell him your guy is better than CWeb. I'll wait till you come back red-faced from being slapped around so hard)

OL Coach: Simms-McConkey (Bangin' the drum for OL for quite some time...possibly, make that probably, to annoy the offensive coordinator. Will take both blocking TEs and titty monsters.)

DL Coach: Raptor22 (Dude can break down those DEs with the best of 'em)

LB Coach: rcnt13 (Give the man some freaking LBs for God's sake)

RB Coach: roguetrader (Been one of the first guys to be banging the drum for a RB this year)

QB: nywins46 (Man be dropping bombs everywhere)

RB: Fester McDougal (Let's just say when he has a "play" he "scores" and leave it at that)

WR: The Always Well Dressed.... (Really? Does this need an explanation?)

WR: ManningHam and Cheese (Really? Does this need an explanation?)

LT: tito (eight and oh) (Never saw anyone defend a QB better than this guy)

RT: costanza! (No doubt he's probably ridiculously strong by now after having to handle all those dock hands)

Interior OL: Bobbiblue (Shares a fondness for Mitch Petrus. Also, can protect the franchise by farting away DLs if he needs to. Invaluable skills.)

TE: wangstu13 (We go to the ends of the earth to find help at this position. Like Japan, for instance)

DE, DT, DT, DE: tommy d., wilddre22, AJ in VA, trueblue63 (saw these well established pillars of our community exchanging at least a few fisticuffs on other SBN sites. And they kick ass.)

MLB: Syler (He will use all his grissionz to make this spot successful)

OLB: Larry Soprano (With a name like Soprano, dude can probably hit)

CB: Flynner (His gap toothed avatar enraptures you....much like Corey's Web)

Safety: Plaxico Burress (safety's off, bitchezz)

Kicker: netsareboss (Only bring in kickers for FGs when we can't score TDs...sounds akin to our favorite basketball team, the Nets :( )

Punter: JimmyK (Damnit!)

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