BBV Alterna-Mock

It doesn't look like this is going to happen due to lack of interest. I'll leave the post up another couple days.

I don't have the attention span for the mainstream mock right now! The purpose of this post is exclusively to recruit GMs.

This thread should be used almost exclusively to make claims for teams. Preference will be given to longstanding members and very active members, so please put your ideal team in the subject line, and any alternatives underneath that, should you get bumped.

Once we have determined who our GMs are, we will have a quick discussion of rules and parameters. I would like to minimize trades as much as possible, however if there is a very compelling case we might go for it. I would like to get this done in a half a day, ideally. 5-10 minutes per person, blah blah blah.

Here is the draft order. Please note that the Raiders (Carson Palmer), Falcons (Julio Jones), and Saints (Gregg Williams) do not have picks. New England, Cleveland, and Cincinnati have TWO first round picks. One GM will handle both picks for a team. If this goes very well, we will do a second round. If we get close to the right amount of interest, but not enough, we'll eliminate the top 6 picks and start at #7. We'd need 23 GMs for that, 29 for a full slate.

Round 1 - note picks 1-6 will likely be dropped from this mock

  1. Indianapolis (2-14) selects Luck
  2. Washington - from St. Louis (2-14) selects RG3
  3. Minnesota (3-13) selects Matt Kalil
  4. Cleveland (4-12) selects Richardson
  5. Tampa Bay (4-12) selects Claiborne
  6. St. Louis - from Washington (5-11) selects Blackmon
  7. Jacksonville (5-11) --
  8. Miami (6-10) -- S Florida Mets Fan
  9. Carolina (6-10) -- thaklaw
  10. Buffalo (6-10) -- WillGFass
  11. Kansas City (7-9)
  12. Seattle (7-9)
  13. Arizona (8-8) -- GiantsReignSupreme
  14. Dallas (8-8) -- Matt 575
  15. Philadelphia (8-8) -- Tito (8-0)
  16. New York Jets (8-8) -- Larry Soprano
  17. Cincinnati - from Oakland (8-8) -- Invictus XI
  18. San Diego (8-8) -- Pool Messi
  19. Chicago (8-8) -- Charles L.
  20. Tennessee (9-7)
  21. Cincinnati* (9-7) -- Invictus XI
  22. Cleveland - from Atlanta* (10-6) -- Bbobely
  23. Detroit* (10-6) -- #56 4 life
  24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) -- TheWenz
  25. Denver* (8-8) -- TNYFBG
  26. Houston* (10-6) -- Troy O
  27. New England - from New Orleans* (13-3) -- Simms-McConkey
  28. Green Bay* (15-1)
  29. Baltimore* (12-4) -- BigBlueUK
  30. San Francisco* (13-3)
  31. New England* (13-3) -- Simms-McConkey
  32. New York Giants* (9-7) -- ct17

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