BBV 2011 draft -- overview

It was a terribly long and poorly formatted comment, so I'll try again here. An at-a-glance look at last year's BBV mock draft -- the good, the bad and the Ed Valentine!

1. Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton (1). Our now-scarce buddy Tito gets the obvious points. Cam Newton was the no-brainer No. 1 pick to everyone except Rorshack, who had Blaine Gabbert going #1. A.

2. Denver Broncos select Nick Fairley (13). Mike Fiametta shows why he's no longer a BBV writer. I kid, I kid. Nick Fairley had a good year next to Suh, and was an enigmatic figure from last year's draft. It was a shocker he fell to the Lions at #13. However, everyone knew Marcel Dareus was the top DT. D.

3. Buffalo Bills select Patrick Peterson (5). BigBluethruandthru gets some credit, as Peterson was #1 on some big boards. Dynamic player, and would have helped Buffalo's offense. Buffalo went with Dareus, and most people thought they would. Peterson went at 5 to the Cards, who considered that a big win. A-.

4. Cincinnati Bengals select Blaine Gabbert (10). BitterEli reaches here. It was a 2-QB then everyone else draft, much like this year. But Blaine Gabbert is no RG3. Jacksonville may have reached for him at #10. However, you can't hold his unspectacular 2011 against BitterEli. This was the second QB on most boards, and I only fault him for reaching. C+.

5. Arizona Cardinals select Von Miller. Gmen2theBowl gets a bit of a steal here. Von was a top-5 prospect on every board. Analogous to the Peterson pick, but at #5 this is close to a no-brainer. A.

6. Cleveland Browns select Marcel Dareus (2). Bobely gets unexpected value in Dareus, whom the Bills had snatched up. This concludes the no-brainer portion of the draft, and Gabbert and Fairley were too enigmatic to certainly belong. Dareus lived up to expectations in 2011. A+.

Note: The Cleveland Browns traded the #6 spot to Atlanta, who took Julio Jones.

7. San Francisco 49ers select AJ Green (4). Pat19 gets another great value pick. Green made the pro bowl as a rookie. Note: This was one of the first real surprises of the actual draft, when SF grabbed Aldon Smith. Some had Amukamara going here. It was a good pick for SF, as Smith had a great year. Still, AJ Green at No. 7 = A+.

Note: Big Board consensus had Newton, Dareus, Miller, Peterson, and Green as the top 5. only question was the order of 3-5. Now it gets harder...

8. Tennessee Titans select DaQuan Bowers (51). RealLT has the first big whiff of the mock. Due to offseason knee surgery, DQB fell to No. 51, a whopping -43 differential. Aren't you 16, RealLT? You should know to do your homework! F.

Note: Tennesse shocked a lot of people by panicking and snatching Jake Locker here. How well did that work out? Well, they have Hasselbeck and are looking for Peyton.

9. Dallas Cowboys select Prince Amukamara (19). Simms-McConkey had it narrowed down to Mook or Tyron Smith, and ultimately went with history and conventional wisdom in picking the wrong guy. Although this pick is a -10, most mocks had Amook between No. 7 and No. 12, and the Boys secondary is a mess, so a gentle grade: B.

10. Washington Redskins select Julio Jones (6). Jcalafiore makes a good pick here based on what Atlanta gave up to get him. Jones was a bit enigmatic but likely a top-10 pick. In real life, Was. traded back and did fairly well. A-.

11. Houston Texans select Robert Quinn (14). DaddyZander picks the correct position for the Texans, who went with JJ Watt. It's a good pick, and Quinn had a good year, but Watt looks better, so A-.

12. Minnesota Vikings select Tyron Smith (9). RolloT makes the right pick and a good value. Vikings made a brainfart selecting Christian Ponder in the great QB panic of '11. They'll get another chance to select an OT this year in Matt Kalil. A.

13. Detroit Lions select Anthony Castonzo (22). Ed Valentine has to step up, and he liked "the BC guy" so many had going to the Giants. Fairley was still on the board, and Detroit got good value with him. Castonzo dropped. In fairness, were Fairley available I have little doubt Ed would have taken him. Still, C-.

14.St. Louis Rams select Aldon Smith (7). GiantNomad gets one of the bigger steals to this point at +7, and selects the correct position. A+.

15. Miami Dolphins select Mark Ingram (28). Interloper HenneGivenSunday won't be too trashed for reaching for Ingram here, because it was a popular mock choice, despite the -13 grade. Still Pouncey the Younger (who I hated) was the right pick and a better one given just 1 year to look. B-.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars select Cam Jordan (24). ct17 couldn't have known the Jags were going to freak out and trade up for Gabbert. In retrospect, they would have been better off staying pat and improving the trenches. Because of the -8, I will say B-. (note: ct17 has forgotten more about drafting than I will ever know.)

17. New England Pats select Mike Pouncey (15). Ryan Valentine is a better GM than his dad. There, i said it. Patriots went OL taking Nate Solder. A-.

18. San Diego Bolts select JJ Watt (11). Anthony P makes a better pick than the Chargers, going D-line, where they went, with a +7 value. A+.

19. New York Giants select Akeem Ayers (39). Ed Valentine ignores the LBEEZ meme and reaches horribly for a position of imaginary need. -20 value, the only thing right about this is the first letter of the last name. Gave into pressure from the 30% of BBV fans who wanted this guy. He's no Chase Blackburn! F.

20. Tampa Bay Bucs select Jimmy Smith (27). WillgFass makes a good pick here, slight negative value. No real issues with the pick, though. B.

21. Kansas City Chiefs select Phil Taylor (21). TheBloodofEli was only wrong about the team that would be picking. Taylow went exactly at 21. So points for that. We don't allow trading positions in the mock. Taylor would have been a good pick. B+.

22. Indianapolis Cols select Gabe Carimi (29). DannyMac56 makes a good choice here, just the wrong twin. Colts took Castonzo. Still, spot on. A+.

23. Philadelphia Eagles select Nate Solder (17). JimmyK makes the good pick for the Eagles, who just let go of Winston Justice. Instead, the Eagles drafted a 43-year-old part-time fireman. A-.

24. New Orleans Saints select Ryan Kerrigan (16). Charles L. gets the 2nd straight good value pick. Kerrigan looks like a good player. Also, Vilma. ha! A-.

25. Seattle Seahawks select Jake Locker (8). Ejaay ...When the Titans took him at 8, it was a bit of a reach. At #25 it's just about a steal, considering the QB situation in Seattle. A+.

26. Baltimore Ravens select Justin Houston (70). Larry Soprano doesn't mind a little pot-smoking in his prospects, but the NFL Gms collectively did, dropping this once-first-round talent to the third round, the lowest of any player here. I'll push the grade up a little bit because according to JimmyK, the kid played a lights out rookie year. D+.

note: The Ravens were pretty bad, though, letting their time expire and seeing the Chiefs snatch up Jon Baldwin, who they could have used in their WR corps.

27. Atlanta Falcons select Kyle Rudolph (43). Pataroons and everybody didn't see the trade blockbuster coming. Still this is a -16. On the bright side, it WAS a pass-catching option. C+.

28. New England Patriots select Derrick Sherrod. DmaninBlue only goes -4 here, so in the area. Pats traded this pick away to the Saints, who took Ingram. Also, this would be 2 first-round OL for the Pats... can't really say if that's feasible, but they have put a priority on protecting Eli's bitch. B.

29. Chicago Bears select Corey Liuget (18). You're my boy Blue gets good retrospective value here. Bears went OL with Carimi. B+.

30. New York Jets select Adrian Clayborn (20). Plaxico Burress gets the Jets man here. Kid had a laundry list of collegiate awards. Also, correct position. A.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers select Muhammad Wilkerson (30). stephen_ross is right on target for value, and picks the right position. A.

32. Green Bay Packers select Danny Watkins (23). NYG28 channels his inner Howie Rosenman and takes the geriatric fireman. Still, since I am giving credit for mock order vs. real order, it is a +9. Green Bay also went OL. Give it an A- only because Watkins sucks.

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