Do people not realize how good Osi is?

There is this constant demand to trade Osi, or even just get rid of him in anyway possible. If anybody defends him then they get blasted for wanting to waste money or whatever. I don't think people realize just how good the guy has been for the Giants. I hope to shoot down some of the arguments as to why this guy should be given up for just about nothing.

All stats obtained from:

1. Durability

Supposedly Osi is injury prone. The numbers just don't reflect that. Osi has played in 8 seasons, which means he has been eligible for 128 regular season games. He has played in 113 of those games, which is 88% of the total games. He only missed significant time in 2006 and 2011, and missed the 2008 season. Justin Tuck has played for 7 seasons that is 112 games. He has played in 96 of those games or 86%. Strahan played in 90% of the games in the seasons he played. Yup Osi has a durability issue doesn't he.

2. Giants career numbers.

Have any of you check Osi's numbers? Well I have.

Sacks - Osi is 4th on the Giants career sack list behind Strahan, LT, and Leonard Marshall. He has 69 Sacks. Tuck has 45.5 and is 7th on the Giants all time list.

Fumbles - Osi has 30 forced fumbles, #1 all time for the Giants. Granted those numbers have only been recorded for a little while, but that is still awesome.

3. Numbers vs his peers

Osi is 13th on the active list for sacks. I couldn't find a place to figure out how he ranks in sacks from 2003-2011.

Those numbers show he deserves to be payed. I know people will say, "he is the 3rd DE on this team". WHO CARES!! He is a top flight, close to elite DE that the Giants need to find a way to keep. Why would you ever show this guy the door when he is still at or very near the top of his game?

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