As Lawrence Tynes’ kick sailed through the uprights in San Francisco sending the Giants to Super Bowl XLVI to face the Patriots–again!–I knew, I had to be home to see it. I couldn’t be there for Super Bowl XLII, and really, how many more times could this match-up possibly happen–well let’s not think about that now–so I had to go.

As I walked through security at LAX on Saturday, dressed proudly in Giants gear, I was greeted with smiles, kind words of encouragement and even a fist bump; my reception at Logan, well let’s just say, it wasn’t quite as friendly.

Before I left, I didn’t worry too much about the money, the 6,000 miles of traveling I’d have to do in less than 72 hours or how I would feel if we lost. I just knew I couldn’t miss it and it was all worth it to see my father’s face when I walked in the door.

There are few moments in life that are perfect; this was one of them. Here is another.

Watch the video portion:

You really have to see this one, but if you must you can also read it here:

Perfection. Our New York Football Giants are World Champions!

In Super Bowl XLII, all the talk was about "perfection"--the Patriots and their perfect team and their perfect season. The Giants will never be perfect, with all the ups and downs this season, we'd be happy with consistent. Our season wasn't perfect; our performance in the Super Bowl wasn't perfect. There were plenty of moments, in both, where the Giants could have said, "Oh well, too bad, better luck next time," but they didn't. If they had, we wouldn't have had these perfect moments:

The safety--we started celebrating the second they threw the flag.

The twelve men on the field penalty--the best quote of the game by far, as performed by my brother, "The ruling on the field is a catch and a fumble, however." Unfortunately, we don't have that on tape.

Chase Blackburn's interception--a few weeks ago he was out of football and now he is a World Champion, again!

Victor Cruz's Touchdown--everyone has been saying how surprising his season has been. Well if you watched that Jet's preseason game, you shouldn't have been surprised. He's got it. He got our first touchdown of the game, our only passing touchdown, and now he has his first Super Bowl ring.

Manning to Manningham--a perfect throw and a perfect catch. The helmet catch was phenomenal. It was magical. It was very lucky. This throw and this catch were pure skill.

And then, there was of course the touchdown--the game-winning touchdown. The most hesitant Super Bowl winning touchdown of all time. We won and yet we are still debating this touchdown. I for one have no reservations. I was rooting for it. If the game were tied or if we had Matt Barr or Adam Vinatieri, then of course, run the clock out and kick the field goal, it's a no-brainer, but, in our situation, I'm sorry Tynes, there's just too much that could go wrong. I wanted to take the lead how ever we could get it and I had confidence in our defense.

That's not to say that those last 57 seconds weren't some of the longest of my life, in what was otherwise a very quick game, sometimes too quick--there were a few moments where I could feel it slipping away, but our G-Men hung in there like they have all season.

While they are far from perfect and their season was far from perfect, the New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions--again--because they never gave up.

That's the lesson here kids. Never give up. The Giants didn't quit and now they're World Champions. The Patriots didn't quit either and that's why I fully expect them to be back in the Super Bowl soon, but please, for the love of god let it be against someone else. We divided fans can't take another one. We practically had to swear off football to survive this game--promising ourselves that, if we were to win, that we could walk away and never watch another game. Oh how quickly the thrill of victory washes away all the agony suffered from the fear of defeat, so while, for the moment, we are saying good-bye to football, something tells me that next season, we'll be back.

Well fans, we now enter the dreaded void between football and baseball. The good news is pitchers and catchers report in just over a week! Let the count down to Opening Day begin. In the meantime, we have this to get us through, let's watch it again shall we (again you got to see the clip to really get it).


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