Here to eat some crow and talk football.

As you guys know I'm an Eagles fan and before my long vacation away from life and the internet I was pretty much "allowed" to comment here and many of you (thankfully) treated me well. I am not here to troll, I realize I will be trolled by many of you, I figured I'd come take it now rather than deal with it later.

If you all remember a few months ago (well like 4) I posted this which was the first outsiders fanpost to get front paged. I also spent time telling you guys that you'd be fine after all the injuries and troubles but I never expected you to win the Superbowl. Now after I wipe my tears away I'll continue with this fanpost.

First I'd like to congratulate you all...

Yes, I'm sure my fellow BGNers will rip me apart for this but I would like to say congrats, the Giants while not doing it in typical style did win the Superbowl and you have to give credit where credit is due.. Eli played like an Elite QB, the DL was simply amazing and your secondary came up big when it was needed down the line. Just hope Cruz doesn't get Desean-syndrome.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way I'd like to ask you guys some questions and whatnot just to get a feel for what you guys would like to see this offseason:

  1. Who do you all expect to lose via Free Agency, Cuts and Retirement?
  2. What would you guys consider your biggest needs heading into this offseason?
  3. Who do you guys see the Giants targeting during Free Agency?
  4. Who do you guys want to pick up in the draft?
  5. Also any players you'd like to see the Giants trade for (be realistic)?
In closing:
As I stated above you guys went through a ton of ups and downs this season and while I wish it was Philly who brought home the trophy at least it was somebody in the NFC East because simply put the NFC East is where the hardest games are played, and it is the hardest division in the NFL.
Enjoy the trophy, enjoy the partying.... but watch out once March 13th hits I consider it a new year and the Eagles will likely be giving you a run for your money :)

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