A Part of a Family

I'm glad I had the chance to spend this season with all of you at Big Blue View. I wasn't around here during Super Bowl 42, but instead, by chance, found this site as soon as the lockout ended. I was desperate to find up-to-date info on the Giants and also get to see what other fans think. Little did I know of what I had actually found here.

Although I live in New York, I'm constantly surrounded by people doubting and hating on the Giants, (even though they call themselves Giants fans). Even though there's no shortage of those types here, I'm just glad that there are fans here as faithful and even more so than I at times. Oh, and not to mention I have a couple of good friends that are either Cowboys or Eagles fans that thoroughly enjoy cutting me down when they have the chance. Lucky me, they didn't have many opportunities to do so this season.

My father tried to raise me as a Jets fan, using his very popular annual quote, "Hey, there's always next year," but my brothers had other plans. The three of them all love the Giants, and although there's a huge age gap between us, 18 years, they've convinced me that what runs through me is nothing but blue.

I'm still a young Giants fan though, 22 years old, and still learning much about my beloved team, but I honestly couldn't do that without you all at Big Blue View. It's fans like Bobbi, BBI, TAWD, Rorschach, and so many others that keep me coming back here. And Fester, of course, with all those awesome pictures.

And not to mention the writers, Ed, Mike, Sean, and others who I might not know yet, that create amazing articles for me to read every day that either have the ability to pump me up, or if it's bad news, put my face in a wall.

In short, I may not be known here, but I have gotten to see so many different points of views, shared so many ups and downs, that I consider this community a family. A family in which I hope to be more a part of as the seasons come.

So, on behalf of my girlfriend and I, congratulations everyone. We are the best in the NFL! Through all the doubt, the controversy, and heart attacks, we came out on top and are champions again!



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