The Finish

How awesome is this? THE GIANTS FINISHED THE JOB. Just like Coughlin was preaching since Training Camp. Finish....I'm shaking my head right now and smiling as I type this because it almost seems unreal. I feel like Strahan in the 2007 NFL Network program America's Game when he looked into the camera, smiled that gap-toothed grin, and said, "I still can't believe it. The New York Giants have won the freakin' Super Bowl." UNBELIEVABLE!!!! We were 7-7, had just lost to the Washington Redskins, looked flat and uninterested in the loss, and most everyone had us written off. But the team believed, Fewell adjusted his scheme, Tuck got healthy, Osi came back, Tom Coughlin kept pounding the rock, and ELITE do what he do, and that is to be the master of the fourth quarter. Talk about a finisher. Eli is second to none in that department right now, and is writing a resume that is propelling him historically to the top of that category. How about that throw and catch, Manning to Manningham!!!!! The catch is what most people will focus on but that throw....SMFH good was what that was. There is NO defense for a perfect throw like that.

I don't know about you guys, but one of the greatest joys for me after the Super Bowl 42 win was watching the NFL Network America's Game program, narrated by James Gandolfini, highlighting the Giants 2007 season. That was way up there for me. I looked forward to it all off season and I wasn't disappointed when they aired it that Wednesday night before the 2008 season opener on Thursday against Washington. It was an inspiring and emotional watch for me. It still is when I watch it. Strahan, Eli, and Coach Coughlin did an amazing job as the three featured members of that team. For me, that program along with the Thursday night opener were the finishing touches on celebrating the 2007 championship. I am so psyched we get to do that again.

For those of you who do not have NFLN and haven't seen any of the America's Game shows, it is an award winning show that takes you through the journey of a champions season through the eyes of three main contributors. I have seen every one of every SB champion and they are all remarkable.

1986 SB team was represented by the big three in the America's Game series, LT, Simms, and The Tuna. 1990 team had Hos, Banks, and SB MVP Ottis Anderson carrying the flag. Learning about the story of Ottis Anderson and how he predicted as a college player that if he ever gets to a Super Bowl in his home state of Florida that he would be the games MVP, and then it all comes true? Or how Hos was ready to quit, tired of being a backup who never got a chance. It is these stories, and how they present them that makes this program so incredibly special. Then the 2007 Miracle Giants had their own version of the big three as I said, Eli, Stra, and TC. To chronicle those guys, and the maturation of Eli in particular, was the kind of stuff fans dream about.

Speaking of finishing, is there any question why 44 couldn't stop himself from going into the endzone even as Eli is yelling at him, "Don't score!" Bradshaw was just doing what this team has been trained to do since the lockout ended. He finished! And thank God for Mr. Mara, Mr. Kraft, the rest of the owners, for Jeff Saturday, and for the rest of the players for getting us to this season in tact. We would not have had this championship without their efforts.

So I started thinking about who is going to represent the team for this years version of the program. I feel very strongly about the accuracy of my prediction here. IMO, it is going to be Tuck, Cruz, and Chase Blackburn. Those three are major contributors and all three have very compelling stories that will fit perfectly into the Amreica's Game format. Who do you guys think will represent the Super Bowl 46 Champions in the NFLN America's Game series?

Also, who do you think should narrate it? And one more thought; I want to open the 2012 season on that Thursday night against the Eagles. I want the whole football world, and the Eagles franchise, to watch us raise the banner and then watch as we go out there and beat their ass. No team has ever lost that opener since the NFL has started that tradition, and I don't see it starting with us.

So I want to hear from my brothers at Big Blue View. What three contributors should be featured in the America's Game program? Who should narrate it, and who would you like to see The World Champion New York Giants open the 2012 season against on that Thursday night game?

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