My Worst Nightmare Part 2?

Here we are. Super Bowl XLVI is two days away. Giants vs Patriots. I’ve called this match-up my worst nightmare. I never thought it would happen, I never wanted it to happen and now it’s happening again! This time is different though. Everyone maybe calling it a rematch, but is it, is it really? Sure it’s the same teams, some of the same players even, but the circumstances are very different. Still it is the Patriots vs the Giants, New England vs New York, home vs a home-away-from-home. It has all the makings of a game that should give me agida, but is Super Bowl XLVI my worst nightmare part 2?

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All my life I have had to answer the question, "Why aren't you a Patriots fan?" I suppose it's a valid question, I grew up in Patriots territory, but as a Giants fan. It wasn't by choice, I was born a Giants fan, and that's the reason why I'm "A Fan Divided."

In the fall of 2007, a friend asked me, "Would you like to see the Giants play the Patriots in the Super Bowl," to which I responded, "No, that would be my worst nightmare." A few months later, my worst nightmare came true. My beloved New York Football Giants were playing football's equivalent to the Yankees, Bill Belichick's evil empire, the undefeated New England Patriots, in the Super Bowl. And suddenly, it was as if I was transported back to my childhood--all the taunts, the questions--from family, friends, virtual strangers, all asking why? Why are you a Giants fan? Why aren't you a Patriots fan? Why would you choose to be a Giants fan when you could be a Patriots fan? What these people didn't understand was, it wasn't a choice.

Throughout the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, my family and I held our heads high. We never waivered. My Uncle Robert provided us with the line that would be our response to all the questions: "I like our chances." The Giants really had nothing to lose, but as Giants fans living in New England, we had a lot on the line--months, years of more taunting and bragging, all at our expense. For us a Patriots victory would have been a nightmare. Then a miracle helmet catch and the slant and go route turned our nightmare into a dream come true.

And there is absolutely nothing, no game, no "rematch" that will ever take that victory away. Super Bowl XLII stands alone. It is unique. The Patriots were on the verge of history and the Giants pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all time. The only chance the Patriots have of ever getting "even" with the us would be if the Giants were to go 18 and 0 and then loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl and then if the Patriots were to go 19-0 beating us in the following Super Bowl. And that's never going to happen. For one thing, the Giants will never go undefeated, it's just not who we are. And that's fine, we may not be able to win all the games, but we win the games that matter.

So is Super Bowl 46 my worst nightmare part 2? No because, win or lose, the Giants really have nothing to lose when it comes to ultimate bragging rights. A Patriots win doesn't magically erase that epic, once in a lifetime upset. It's ours forever.

Plus, the Giants aren't going to lose. I watched the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLII over again the other day, and we are infinitely better than we were in '07. Eli Manning has entered into another realm. The Patriots are good, they are very good, but I like our chances.

Regardless, of the outcome, one thing is for sure, I'm Hollie Mendillo and I am a New York Giants fan. I am a Fan Divided.

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