Pre-Combine Realistic Mock Draft Board

This is who I think the Giants will be targeting at 32, 64, 95, 127, etc...I will be happy with any combination of the following players.

1.32-Mike Adams-OT Ohio St.

Cordy Glenn-OT\OG Georgia

Kelechi Osemele-OT/OG Iowa St.

I strongly feel the Giants are going to get a Tackle in the first round, all of these guys would fill a need and value and if available we should jump. All of these guys remind me a little bit of Shawn Andrews pre-injury...Athletic big bodies, ideally the Right Tackle of the next decade and a half

2.64-Bobby Massie-OT Ole Miss.

Brandon Washington-OT/OG Miami (i know its Lamar Millers highlight, but look at Washington clearing lanes)

Kevin Zeitler-OG Wisconsin

Zerbie Sanders-OT Florida St.

Michael Brewster-C Ohio St.

Ben Jones-C Georgia

Nate Potter-OT Boise St.

Phillip Blake-C Baylor (RGIII video but Blake is playing Center)

The importance of upgrading our line this off season has to be the top priority, since McKenzie and Diehl both need to be replaced , Beattys eye is a uncertainty, Petrus is promising but untested , and we have very limited room with the cap, the draft is our only option. Committing our top two picks to the line would be wise, depth is a virtue.

3.95-LaMichael James-RB Oregon

Isaiah Pead-RB Cincinnati

Chris Polk-RB Washington

Bernard Pierce-RB Temple

Any of these RBs would be good value in the third round, and would be the long term replacement for Bradshaw and a rule of thumb I don't like drafting RBs higher than the fourth round due to the fact that RBs are a dime a dozen and have such a short lifespan, but ill make the exception here due to the fact that we pick last and these values are too great...

4.127-Evan Rodriguez-TE Temple

Kevin Koger-TE Michigan

David Paulson-TE Oregon

Michael Egnew-TE Missouri

Ladarius Green-TE UL Lafayette

There are great values at TE in the fourth round, one of these guys could be better long term than the TEs projected to go in the 1st/2nd round...Ballard should be back and id like to see what we have in Hopkins, so I don't want to commit a early pick on TE

5.159-Kellen Moore-QB Oregon ttp://

I know people are gonna get on me for this but i think he will be the steal of the draft...i know he is short and i know he doesn't have the strongest arm...but Brees is short and Pennington didn't have the strongest arm...the kid is a winner, he is accurate, smart, has the timing of Kurt Warner the accuracy of Chad Pennington and the intelligence of Drew Brees...

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