The JR Bandwagon!

Its Official, I am starting the "Jerry Reese Knows What the Heck He is Doing" Bandwagon.

I have read our NY Giants Team has "Glaring Weaknesses". Well, I dont know about ya'll, but "Glaring Weaknesses" are generally reserved for fans of teams that lost an important game. For instance, The Jets - Glaring Weakness is the OC/Sanchize relationship. Redskins - Ownership, Cowboys - Romo, Eagles - "Lack of team", Packers - Defense, Saints - Defense, 49ers - WRs and so on so forth.

The Giants dont have any "Glaring Weakness". We dont because we won "The Mutha F***ing SUPER BOWL" - in my best weatherford.

That said, we dont "NEED" (sorry for the language Ed) players, players just fall to us. Because we are awesome.

Every year its the same ol story... JR Needs to Draft "______", (I can think of WRs, OLs, LBzzz, FA's)

Every year JR states, that he is running the show, that he has everything under control.

Every year Fans freak out and call for the Blimps.

Every year JR gets to go on his "I told you so" rant.

Well I for one, am sick of this vicious cycle. I learned to Enjoy Giants football, right after the first 49ers game. I am going to carry this enjoyment to the Draft. JR is in charge and I am down with that. Instead of yelling and screaming, half-arse finding out about draft picks and betting money that they will be the future of the team. Then getting mad that JR passed them by.... I will simply spend all my time with this fan club.

JR will draft the BPA. He will be a stud for our team and that is alright with me. It will be fun to argue who is better than who, but if I see someone state "Glaring Weakness" I will know they havent read this post.

Enjoy the offseason everyone.. I also would like to say in closing. This year was an absolute blast! Thanks to all of BBV for giving me a "Giants home" when I for the first time, didnt have one. Thanks!

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