Jason Pierre-Paul, 12.05.12

Q: Thoughts on your team's play in Week 13:
A: I think we look soft. I think we'll get there, man. We haven't played our best game this year. I know, for a fact, we haven't played that game.

Q: Why do you think you guys looked soft?
A: I don't know. You tell me.

Q: How does that show up?
A: I think the reason why is because, like I said, we haven't played our best game. We haven't played our best game this year, and as a defense, we have to make a statement. We haven't made a statement ever since San Francisco...I'm lying, we did beat up on Green Bay quite a bit. Ever since then, we haven't made a statement. We're all not playing together. When you're on a team, in a position like this, you have to play together as one. Otherwise, you'll keep going downhill.

Q: How do you fix that?
A: You have to come in and just listen. I don't think you know it all. Just come in and listen and things will be alright.

Q: Do guys think they know it all?
A: Some. I don't know. I'm just going to talk for myself. I don't know it all. I come in and listen to the coaches and whatever they tell me to do, I do. There's nothing to it. I do what they ask me to do. I'm always running to the ball and that's basically it.

Q: Do you think guys are free-lancing a little too much?
A: Uhm, I don't know. I don't know, maybe, maybe not. Do you think so? I don't know. All we can do is watch the film and then correct. The Redskins game, it was a fight to the end. We have to put it past us now, and that's basically it.

Q: Does facing a more traditional offense like the Saints and Drew Brees give you guys a better chance?
A: The Redskins have a great scheme going on, especially with the quarterback they have. Just playing that option, it's crazy. I think they're probably one of the best teams that have played it, played it well. It's a pain in (butt). I hate playing it. Now going up against a traditional offense, we know what we're probably going to get. It's much easier. Having an option quarterback, that just comes from college; the kid is fast man. I'm getting old. It should be much easier this weekend.

Q: It may not be easy, but you know where Drew Brees will be?

A: Yeah, right, we already know what he's capable of and his targets. We'll go out there and play some great football. We don't have to worry about the option.

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