NFC East Race plus Wild card scenarios

Looks like another exciting NFC East finale. Probably a better one from last year since it includes 3 teams.

Things that may have an impact going into the next 3 games:

Dez Bryant's finger
RG3's leg
Teams that have clinched -will they play less as intense
Teams that have nothing to play for - motivated to play spoiler
Cowboys vs Redskins Week 17

NEXT/Last 3 games:
For the Giants its an "Attack of the Birds" 3 games - Do they NEED to win all or just 2?
For the Cowboys its all about taking down the stumbling Steelers and overcoming RG3.
For the Redskins its all about not choking - there's no excuse not to win out with their schedule.


Below are teams that may very well be wild card winners. Please understand this is not an accurate wild card standing because the Giants are listed here. I put this together because throughout the year many including myself believed the NFC East would not secure a wild card team however its still mathematically possible assuming Seattle calms down (which their remaining games doesn't indicate) or Bears continue to stumble. Also we know that the Giants can not with the division on tie breakers so it's worth looking to see if they could still get in should the unspeakable happen.

Wild Card Possibilities Wins Lost Week15 Week16 Week17 Next 3 Record
New York Giants 8 5 Falcons Ravens Eagles 2 and 1 10 and 6
Chicago Bears 8 5 Packers Cardinals Lions 1 and 2 9 and 7
Seattle Seahawks 8 5 Bills 49ers Rams 1 and 2 9 and 7
Washington Redskins 7 6 Browns Eagles Cowboys 2 and 1 9 and 7
Dallas Cowboys 7 6 Steelers Saints Redskins 1 and 2 8 and 8
Minnesota Vikings 7 6 Rams Texans Packers 1 and 2 8 and 8

Items above in BOLD are my predictions.
Believe it or not I'm saying Giants win the tough games and lose to Eagles.
I think the Lions would love nothing more than to pull a win against the Bears and will.
Shocker of the week ! Rams beat Seahawks
Ironically its the Browns that will hand them the lost.
The way Romo was running for his life Sunday I can't seem them beat Steelers or Redskins.
I think Vikings have the toughest schedule - more than Giants because, well we have Eli.

Disclaimer: If lots of the predictions seem ludicrous - well think about it - making a prediction about the obvious is pointless - make a prediction of something less likely .....if it comes true you look like a genius.

I invited Redskin and Cowboy fans to check out the post (actually spammed their blogs) so let's all play nice if/when they post and critique this blue biased post - the NFC East for the second year has looked very weak, let's at least unite in fan sportsmanship for this exciting close race.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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