Victor Cruz, 11.25.12

Q: Take us through your touchdown catch.
A: That play was just a play where I come inside and I get lined up one on one with the safety and I just make a quick move to the inside and Eli threw a great ball, hit me right in stride and I went into the end zone.

Q: It looked like you weren't as double-teamed as much tonight.
A: They did double-team me when we got further into the green zone a couple times, but there was definitely some openings there that I wasn't used to so hopefully that trend continues and this time I'll be a little more prepared for it.

Q: Was that because of the way you guys game planned or was it the way they were covering you?
A: I guess it was just the way they were covering me. We expect one thing, we see one thing on film and we get to the game and sometimes it's a complete other thing on certain downs and distances and certain plays you expect one thing. They did a good job of switching things up, but we did a good job of countering them.

Q: How did Eli look tonight?
A: It felt good seeing him completing some footballs, getting some energy and getting some crucial third downs that we're used to making. So it was good to see his arm come back alive and be able to hit us on some crucial plays, so it felt good.

Q: How big of a win was this?
A: It was a huge win coming off the bye facing a team like Green Bay. You could easily come in and falter and be lackadaisical, but we came out firing and we understood this was a game we needed to win and you could see it in the way we played. We played with passion, integrity and it really came out tonight.

Q: Do you think you played like World Champions like he asked you to?

A: I think so. I think we came out from the very first drive and put points up on the board. I think we definitely played like World Champions tonight.

Q: You said that it was good to Eli's arm come back alive. Was there a difference?

A: Don't read too much into that. Tonight it was one of those games where he was alive and he was out there making some plays and distributing the ball the way we're used to him. I'm not referencing that his arm was faulty before or anything like that. I was just saying that he was definitely out here and he was playing with some excitement and he was completing some footballs, which was good to see.

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