Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.25.12

Q: What are the emotions after this win?
A: We're very excited right now. We've got a lot going on for us right now and this is a huge win. Just looking back at the last couple of weeks we played, this is a big step up for all of us all around. We're excited for this win.

Q: Coach Coughlin said you had a visitor come in and talk to you guys Friday.

A: It was a lot of inspiration. It gave us something to play for and it's just bad what he's going through and we just look at it to be thankful. It's a great month to be thankful and we're just thankful to be out here playing.

Q: His message was play like champions?

A: Right, and that's what we just wanted to do tonight is come out and start strong and play like we know how to play football.

Q: Do you feel like you did a good job of putting the past behind you?
A: Oh yeah. We started strong. We scored on the first drive. It was a big step up for our offense and we just didn't want to let each other down and that's what we did tonight. That's how we play.

Q: You had a lot of success in the red zone tonight.
A: Oh yeah, it's huge. It's just a big step for our whole team, especially the offense red zone-wise and just for the all-around team.

Q: Coach said that Andre Brown has a broken femur. What does that mean to the team?
A: I feel bad for Andre. He's my little brother, man. It's heartbreaking for me just to see him so down. When I was a rookie, I told David (Wilson) that D(errick) Ward broke his fibula and I had to step in and be a big part of our offense and that's what I expect from David and I told him just to get right and get ready for the following weeks to come.

Q: Do you think he's ready?
A: I think he can be. Once we get him going and get him learning a little more and different things in different areas, I think he'll be a great asset to our offense.

Q: Did the bye help you a lot?
A: The bye? Yes. It helped me a whole lot. I just felt more explosive today. I'm not going through so much pain walking around. I just feel thankful for that bye and just to be out here playing with some health.

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