Hakeem Nicks, 11.25.12

Q: Take us through that touchdown. Did you know how close you were? Did you know you scored right away?
A: Honestly, I didn't know right away. I felt like my hand touched down the same time my arm broke the plane, but I didn't know. I was just hoping I did score and I was confident, but once they declared it a touchdown, I was happy. Broke the ice.

Q: Your thoughts on facing the surging Washington Redskins and RG3 next week?

A: Washington is a great team and in this division everybody plays each other tight and close, so we've got to go out there and prepare well and take advantage of the opportunities when they come.

Q: This is the kind of game you guys were waiting to play for a long time. How did it feel to do this?

A: It felt real good. Most of all, we went out there and played hard as a team on all three phases - offense, special teams, and defense. Guys were just out there flying around and it was just exciting.

Q: Is this a little reminiscent of some of the games played late last year and the playoff run?
A: Yeah, but we've just got to take it one game at a time. We've got five games left now out of the six-game stretch. The way we're approaching it is one week at a time and we're just going to take advantage of every opportunity that we get.

Q: Do you have any doubt in the pass game?

A: No, I never had any doubt. I know what guys are capable of, I know the hard work we put into it. Eli works really hard with us, with all the targets, the wide receivers, the tight ends, and the backs as well. There was no doubt that we would get back on the same page. We got our confidence back in certain things, in certain areas, and we've just got to keep going from there.

Q: Could you see a difference in your quarterback tonight from what you've seen in previous weeks?
A: Definitely. Eli went out there and played great today. He played hard, as he always does. Eli comes out and plays his hardest every week. Eli is a great competitor; he likes to be on the money with everything and it shows in his play. What he went out there and did today was just part of the routine. He prepared well all week and he just went out there and played hard.

Q: What did you think of him [Eli] not sliding?
A: I was hoping he would use his other shoulder. That just goes to show you his effort. Everybody's all in right now and it's the effort play and every effort play is going to count.

Q: Did you want #200 to come your way?
A: I didn't mind it. Honestly, I didn't know until they showed it on the screen, but when they showed it I was glad it did come my way.

Q: Coming off the tough losses and the bye week, what did Coach Coughlin say to you guys today to get you ready for the game?
A: He was just saying for everybody to be all in and just finish and play a whole complete game, and that's what we wanted to come out here and do. Everybody played hard, we were all in together as a team, and it showed.

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