Who is going to coach and captain your NFL team?

Suffering from the Bye week blues? I have something that might entertain for a few minutes. I got an idea for this post from a "Who's your Zombie Apocalypse Team" picture I found on Reddit this morning, here.

For this game you get to find out who is going to coach and captain your own NFL team. All you have to do is find your number or make a decision, its pretty simple. Feel free to post your own results down below and if you want to check out the "Who's your Zombie Apocalypse Team" game post your results on here as well.


Month you were born,

Jan------ Bill Belichick

Feb------ George Halas

Mar------- Bill Parcells

Apr-------- Vince Lombardi

May-------- Chuck Noll

June------- Bill Walsh

July------- Tom Coughlin

Aug------- Tom Landry

Sept-------- Paul Brown

Oct-------- Don Shula

Nov------- Joe Gibbs

Dec-------- John Madden

Offensive Player

Color of your shirt,

White-------- Bo Jackson

Black--------- Eli Manning

Brown-------- Jim Brown

Pink---------- Johnny Unitas

Red--------- Peyton Manning

Blue--------- Dan Marino

Green------ Walter Peyton

Purple----- Jerry Rice

Gray-------- Lawrence Taylor

Yellow------ Joe Montana

Orange------ Tom Brady

Multi-Color Striped------- Marshall Faulk

Multi-Color- Checkered------- Warren Moon

No Shirt on-------- Emmitt Smith

Defensive Player

What are you hungry for?

Pizza------------Deacon Jones

Steak-----------Dick Butkus

Ice Cream----- Rod Woodson

Popcorn- ------Lawrence Taylor

Spaghetti------Deion Sanders

Hamburger------ Bruce Smith

Hot Dog-------- Mike Ditka

Philly Cheese Steak-------John Randle

Nachos-------- Ronnie Lott

Chocolate Chip Cookies-------- Michael Strahan

Chili--------- Reggie White

Barbecue Ribs--------- Joe Greene

Fried Chicken or Wings-------- Ray Lewis

Twinkies (RIP)--------- Dick "Night Train" Lane

Your NFL team

Day you were born

1- Washington Redskins

2- Tennessee Titans

3- Tampa Bay Bucs

4- Seattle Seahawks

5- SF 49ers

6- SD Chargers

7- St Louis Rams

8- Pittsburg Steelers

9- Oakland Raiders

10- NY jets

11- The New York Football Giants

12- NO Saints

13- NE Patriots

14- Minnesota Vikings

15- Miami Dolphins

16- Kansas City Chiefs

17- Jacksonville Jaguars

18- Indianapolis Colts

19- Houston Texans

20- Green Bay Packers

21- Detroit Lions

22- Denver Broncos

23- Dallas Cowboys

24- Cleveland Browns

25- Cincinnati Bengals

26- Chicago Bears

27- Carolina Panthers

28- Buffalo Bills

29- Baltimore Ravens

30- Atlanta Falcons

31- Arizona Cardinals

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