NFC East - First Quarter

Week 4 is far from done so I'm a little late with this...

So far we are a Combined Record of 10-9 for the division, not so hot but if you haven't noticed this is turning out to be a surprising year in the NFL.

Vikings (beat 49ers),Cardinals (beat Patriots) and Falcons are tearing it up.
Saints (getting beat my nobodies) and Packers are struggling.
Eagles and Lions look lost.
The list goes on and on with things no one saw coming.
It's going to be an interesting season for sure.

Anyway here's what you're here for:
You can get a team schedule on any sports blog...
You can look at your division standings on any sports site...
but here is the one and only NFC EAST comparison schedule/standing/result chart:


If the division chart doesn't make sense to use click here:

Bucs = I believe the bucs will continue to improve as the season progresses - and will be very tough for the Eagles to beat by week 14.

Panthers = You can only assume Cam Newton has to be better now that he has a season under his belt but is the team as a whole any better? I see no issues for the NFC East.

Falcons = I watched the matchup with the Skins and thought it was a really well played game on both sides - I can't see the Falcons sweeping the NFC though, 2 teams will come out on top - just not sure who.

Saints = The Skins faced these guys early and came out with the W, I'm afraid after the Chargers game - a sleeping giant has awaken...because they have to dig out of a hole to make the playoffs the Giants and Cowboys may be in trouble facing them late in the season.

Browns = I enjoy watching the Giants offense light it up against the Browns but I seriously don't see this young team giving anyone trouble in the NFC.

Steelers = Eagles lost a very close game against them, they have their weakness like any team does - I think playing them late in the season will prove a difficult task for the Cowboys.

Ravens = Like the Steelers I hate to have to play this team towards the end of the season - fortunately for the Giants they usually play their best towards the end - look for this game to be intense!

Bengals = I think this lost will haunt the Redskins because I think the rest of the NFC will handle them with no issues.

Packers = I wish the Giants would have played them sooner- right now this team is in disarray but I fear will be running on all cylinders my week 12.

Lions = This talented team has struggled in every part of the game - the Eagles should take this - the danger is this team is starving for a win

Vikings = Did anyone else see this coming, if the Vikings continue to play like they have the Redskins might be in trouble.

49ers = Before the season started I knew they would be the team to beat in 2012 - they are proving it every week - and as a Giants fan Yes I am AFRAID.

Division Games:

There's only been 2 division games played and the Giants are in the hole.

The lost to the Eagles doesn't bother me nearly as much as the Cowboys game because that was a home game. For me I only expect the team to split the division games and go 3 -3, that still is very possible for everyone. For whatever reason the Giants play well at Dallas so hopefully they can avoid the sweep and if the Eagles continue to play the way they have this season one would have to assume the Giants can avoid a sweep there. For as good at the Redskins have improved with RG3 I have no idea how they will fare in division games - because I live in Virginia I'll be able to catch all 6 of those games.

I'll probably do this chart every 4 weeks unless for some reason an overwhelming number of you ask for weekly updates.

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