Game Report with Pictures & Video

I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets to the game through a Giants staffer. Usually my tickets purchased in this manner are not great, but I never complain since they are face value and they really are nice just to help me every year - they have zero obligation to do so. But this year was awesome - 8th row just past the 10-yard line on the Giants side of the field:

We got to the game really early since I thought with such seats we might interact with the players during warm-ups but the rain meant that we mostly hung around the inside of the stadium. My wife and brother tried a Food Network concession stand that made New York Sloppy Joes. As a native New Yorker - and a fat one who eats a lot - I am dubious that New York had a culinary tradition of sloppy joes. They were unimpressed. I thought my hot sausage with inions and peppers, however, was just fine. As were the hot chocolates we got, perfect for the chilly, rainy day.

They had a beer that my wife had never tried so I asked for a small sample and the nice guy supplied it. She didn't like it so we settled on Yuengling Lagers, the best cheap beer you will ever drink (narrowly beating out Genny Cream Ale) and headed to watch the game.

Here are some pix of us in our seats:

My brother and I:

Me and the wife:

I was surprised that most of the seats directly in front of us would remain unoccupied during the game. Methinks this was because the Giants and Browns are not real rivals, neither because of geography or history or divisional
make-up. They probably had a lot of extra tickets meant for the Browns and players (I always pick a game like this when I ask my connection to increase my chance of getting tickets) which probably went on sale late and stayed at
the box office. So here's a tip for those of you who want to see a game in person: Before looking for scalpers, go to the box office. You might get lucky.

I had some negative experiences at the old stadium when it came to other Giant fans, I have to admit. Lots of old guys who would grouchily yell "Down in front" if heaven forbid you tried to stand up and get into the game. This evolution of the Giants fan in attendance probably would have changed anyway, but the new stadium hastened the arrival of younger fans.

Even though I stood a decent amount, I only heard one quiet grumble behind me. There were a lot of younger fans in my section and a ton of women! I love seeing so many women at games, especially the smart ones like my wife.

It was really neat watching the game with her because she never saw a game so close to the action before. When Rueben Randle had a nice catch and run on the sideline right near where we were, you could see the receiver right
on front of us get open, wave his hand and see Eli float a pass that was headed right for us! Then he caught it and got extra yards. I looked at her face and you could see that she thought it was amazing. She's a football fan, not just someone I drag to football games...

Victor Cruz catches a TD in front of us:

Of course all of us were distraught at the start of the game and our lightning-fast 14-0 hole. Most of us booed after the second extra point. But we still cheered at points when a play could have helped get us into things. I have evidence of this before a third down while down a touchdown as the TV cameras somehow found me and my wife and brother:

Yes, that's me with the long hair hiking up my pants, yelling and then banging my Giants hardhat on the seat next back in front of me for extra noise. The guy on my left is my brother, the girl sitting on my right is my wife. Yes, she doesn't look enthused here - she was cold and wet and was actually dejected with our poor play to that point. She can get very pessimistic... :)

I found out about this when a got a couple of text messages from people who saw it. I found out then that for some reason text messaging and internet in general sucks at MetLife Stadium - for both by brother who uses AT&T and my wife and I on Sprint. No WiFi either. Boo.

But that was the only downer on a day that saw the Giants, after sleepwalking through the beginning, finally get on track and beat a team they should beat and doing so in a pretty entertaining manner. It was nice to be able to saw we saw Victor Cruz catch 3 touchdown passes! And if David Wilson goes onto have a great career, we saw his first touchdown in person. And if Reuben Randle goes onto a great career, we saw his first significant contributions.

Top the day off with a trip for the best pizza in the world at DiFara in Brooklyn and then listening to the first five innings in the car and watching the last four innings of the Yankees win after we got home and it was one of the better sports days of my life!

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