BBV Pick'em Week 6

As always, we're pending tonight's game. Updated with MNF results

This week's results, In order of best to worst:

11-3: Drizzy, Willgfass, brisulph, Troy O, The Blood of Eli, Giantstep, DavidE

10-4: long time listener, Give it to 44, daddyzander, sv1031, wangstu13, Sejo28, GiantBeing

9-5: Rorschach44, j-man, edzilla, Simms-McConkey, njgiant**

8-6: EJAAY, Invictus XI, Jesse Bartolis

7-7: netsareboss:

I don't think I've ever seen this many people tied for first. 7 people have 10 wins.

The most common wrong choices were Carolina over Seattle, Cincinatti over Miami. I don't think a single person chose the Colts over the Packers. The most common upset choices were St. Louis over Arizona and Washington over Atlanta.

**Nearly everyone chose Houston! Normally this would mean we're due for an upset of the unanimous pick, but njgiant chose the Jets. I think, he chose the "Titans" which I'm going is a reference to their past. Everyone but him will probably have one more win tomorrow morning. If not, he'll be the 8th person to have a share of 1st place.

As always, double check your score to make sure I didn't screw up

Overall scores so far (not updated for MNF)

52: Troy O
51: Wangstu
48: Willgfass
47: Give it to 44., daddyzander, Giantstep, Drizzy
46: brisulph,
45: Rorscach44, Simms-McConkey, sv1031
44: netsareboss, j-man
43: Invictus XI, Sejo28, The Blood of Eli, njgiant**
42: edzilla, long time listener
41: DavidE
39: Jesse Bartolis

The following did not pick, and have their score from last week posted. I'm inclined to blame the new site format for a lack of participation and think we should go lenient on them if they still want to be in it.

39: Amsterdam Admirals
37: Larry Soprano
32: Maraman
31: telochik (I think this is horribly misspelled btw)

Next Week's Games:

TNF: Pittsburgh at Tennessee:

St. Louis at Miami:

Detroit at Philadelphia:

Cincinnati at Cleveland:

Indianapolis at NY Jets:

Kansas City at Tampa Bay:

Oakland at Atlanta:

Dallas at Baltimore:

New England at Seattle:

Buffalo at Arizona:

Minnesota at Washington:

NY Giants at San Francisco:

SNF: Green Bay at Houston

MNF: Denver at San Diego

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