Justin Tuck, 10.07.12

Q: Can you talk about how the turnover by Brown woke you guys up a little bit after being down 14-0?
A: We should start games at a deficit because it seems to get us woken up and starting to play. That play was a huge momentum shift for us. He made a great play on the ball and returned it to back to a position where our offense could punch it in and that kind of got us rolling.

Q: Are you concerned about the pass rush at all?
A: Yes I am. Like I said last week, we'll just continue to pound it and guys are figuring us out so we've got to do some different things and try to free up our guys. I don't think it's about effort or anything like that, I feel as though it just isn't going our way right now. But we don't make any excuses about it - we'll just continue to try and get it right.

Q: You did bat some balls down tonight. Did that make up for any of it?

A: Nope. Not at all. But that's something you've got to do when guys are trying to get that quick game in. They threw a lot of slants right over our head and they've seen it on film so we wanted to do a great job of kind of discouraging that and that was part of it.

Q: How about Bradshaw and the way he bounced back and the way he controlled the ball today?

A: Yea, I mean coming off the first carry and fumbling like that - a lesser running back would have kind of gone in the tank. But Bradshaw is one of those guys that's very strong physically and mentally, and he's a tough back, so we knew he would bounce back. And they opened up some holes for him and got him going and I think this was probably one of his biggest days in a Giants uniform so we're proud of that guy for bouncing back and helping us get a win today.

Q: It seems like you've been down in the spot before where sacks - they come and go - they come in bunches. What do you do to kind of bring it back into a rhythm?
A: Stop the run. That's where it all starts. They had some success running the ball on us early so it got us out of rhythm a little bit and it got them in rhythm a little bit, so it all starts with stopping the run and in those long situations - second and long situations -- we've just got to be ready to pounce on it when it comes, and I believe it will but like I said, we're not going to make any excuses about it. We haven't played to the caliber of what we can so we'll go back to the film and try to get it right.

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