Ahmad Bradshaw, 10.07.12

Q: The Browns scored early and then you guys responded.
A: You know what? We fight back. We play better with our backs to the wall. I started the game off great with the fumble and I just fought back. I stayed hard on myself after the fumble and I wanted to use it with the ball in my hand and I just ran angry today. I'm mad at myself for the fumble.

Q: How did you feel coming into the game?
A: I felt great today coming in the game. I was excited because we were planning on running the ball a lot and it's a blessing in disguise. My hat goes off to my lineman; they did a great job. They couldn't have done any better. There were holes everywhere. All I did was just run and it was a great day, great game and we came out successful.

Q: What went through your head after the fumble?
A: Just to fight back. Everybody was telling me on the sideline that they have my back and we were just going to keep fighting and this team is great at that - coming back and fighting back and I just stayed hard on myself and just tried to use it in running. Just use my anger in running and that's what happened.

Q: The team was waiting for a breakout game in the running game. Can you build on this and carry it into future weeks?
A: Definitely, but we knew we could do it all along. We knew we could run the ball. We plan on it every game. We just came out today fired up and ready.

Q: What did you see when things started clicking for the O-Line and you really started breaking off runs? Was it across the board?
A: Yeah, it was across the board. We had a couple of zone plays and they just kept fighting for me, pushing backside and we were able to cutback a lot of plays. We had a couple of misdirections where they just cut their guy down and I was able to just break loose.

Q: Do you feel the running game is better than the stats say?
A: We definitely do everyday. We should be way better than the stats say. This team is a great team. A great line... They do everything right, practice wise. We just knew if we could execute today, we could get it done. So we did.

Q: Tom Coughlin called you as tough and as physically competitive as anyone he's ever seen. What does it mean to you to hear coach say something like that?
A: I love this game more than anybody. I put all my heart into it and I just feel I'm one of the toughest out there on the field when I'm out there, so I just try to play with it.

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