SP: Things I want to believe and don't want to believe about Big Blue @Week 4

This post was put up just after we lost to the Eagles in Week 4.

Things I WANT to believe after this game:

  1. We have our best return man since Dave Meggett. Give David Wilson so much as a peek and he will zip through the hole for at least 15 yards. FASSSSST. He looks like Chris Johnson to me.
  2. Rueben Randle looks like he may be a good punt returner too, very shifty.
  3. Dominik Hixon!
  4. Like him or hate him, In Reese We Trust. It's no coincidence that in spite of all the injuries somebody comes out of nowhere and bails us out.

Things I DON'T want to believe after Week 3:

  1. Stick a fork in Osi. He showed unbelievable quickness off the snap but absolutely nothing after that.
  2. Tuck just a good DE. Good as always on the run, but like I said, with the DTs playing so well and JPP there, even a corpse could get at least a pressure.
  3. Speaking of which, where was JPP?
  4. We are having to rely on Eli every week, and that is because of bad play-calling by Killdrive. Look, you have to run the ball well SOME TIME. This is not the run n' shoot anymore. Anybody got Buddy Ryan's number? Let's call him in and knock Kevin upside the head.
  5. Injuries are just killing us. We have to fight that much more just to do basic things. Maybe there should be a triage center set up the practice field.
  6. Kenny Phillips.
  7. We have to face the fact that we do not have a dominant defensive line anymore.
  8. Our best run-blocking linemen are the tight ends.

Other knee-jerk reactions:

I called exactly what to do in my "Back to the Future" fanpost.

In the first half, the G-men seemed to be doing that. We got most of our hits on Vick on blitzes up the middle WITH PRESS COVERAGE. For some odd reason Fewell has a relapse and calls what essentially is a Tampa 2 and AS I MENTIONED, we got fried by DeSean Jackson, Celek, and RBs in the flat. WTF?

I also said look out for the contain on LeSean McCoy as he breaks a lot of cutbacks. 1st half- great, second half - DERP. This may or may not be because of two reasons:

  1. Overcommittment by the LBs
  2. Injury to KP. Whoever #27 is was out of position time and time again.

On offense, the Giants do exactly what I thought they should do and run more to eat the clock. Then Killdrive relapses as well and thinks this is the 1990s Oilers and calls deep pass after deep pass. WTF.

All they had to do is do what they were doing in the first half and we would have had the W.

I say we raise a fund for the past playcalling rehab of both coordinators. They are why we lost.

Just my $.02 at this time, have at it!

SP, the No.1 Giants fan. In Japan.

Giants fan since '84. BBV since 2009. Big Blue 4Life.

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