2011 Draft

Last year was tough on the new draftees, who didn't get anything like a proper offseason due to the lockout. Now in their second year though, and a few games into the season, we can get a better idea of how these guys are panning out. I thought I would go through each of them in turn, and see just how worried (or ecstatic) we should be at this stage. And make a few ill-informed predictions - why the heck not. I know it's still early in these players' careers, and we should take a long-term view, but I tend to think that if a guy is going to be a quality player, then he will usually be showing it on the field by this point.

Would be interested to get some other opinions on this from all you gurus out there.

Once again: I know it's only week 5 of their second season. These guys still have time on their side, so I'm not calling anyone a bust right now.

Round 1: Prince Amukamara

Obviously this is a pick we can be happy about. I think there's always a fear that your first-rounder is going to be a flop, but he has done well since coming back from that injury. I would predict he will be covering other teams' no.1 receivers pretty soon, seeing as he's playing better than Webster already.

Round 2: Marvin Austin

This guy, more than any other, has to be given the benefit of the doubt; he missed two seasons of football and more. The disappointment is that he could well be 4th on the DT depth chart when Canty gets back, and therefore contribute nothing significant in his first two seasons. Impossible to make a prediction, but if Canty/Bernard leave and we see big Marvin in 2013 tossing aside some hapless guards and centers, I'll say it was worth the wait.

Round 3: Jerrel Jernigan

He may be a victim of the Giants selecting too many other good wide receivers, but as it stands, this is on course to be a pick that didn't work at all. He doesn't even return punts now. Could he emerge in the future if we don't re-sign Cruz/Barden?

Round 4: James Brewer

The mystery man. You could argue that this is an even bigger disappointment; I was really hoping that he would be able to replace McKenzie. Maybe he could become a decent backup tackle for us, which I think is acceptable for a 4th rounder. But that would still leave big questions at both positions: Locklear is no spring chicken at 31, plus Beatty's contract can't have long to run.

Round 5: Tyler Sash

I'm a fan of special teams, so I'll give Sash credit for his input there. This is a crucial moment for him, though, with Phillips injured; can Sash even beat out Stevie Brown for the backup safety role? Will he take the field, only to get burned for his lack of speed? Or get cut? I'm intrigued to see what happens.

Round 6: Jacquian Williams (hope I've spelled that right)

That amazing dive to force the fumble against San Francisco, that alone, made this a worthwhile pick. Thanks for the Super Bowl, Jacquian! The fact that he has contributed at linebacker is a real bonus. Nice value for a 6th rounder.

Round 7: Da'Rel Scott

That fake punt in the 2011 preseason was my favourite play. He's buried on the running back depth chart, although I suppose he did well just to make the team.

So, draft picks 1 and 6 have been good so far, while all the others have a realistic chance of winding up completely rubbish. Will any of them surprise us and end up being named the MVP when the Giants win Super Bowl 50?

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