Tom Coughlin, 10.25.12

Q: Bradshaw?
A: Didn't work, maybe tomorrow.

Q: No setbacks?
A: I don't think there's any setback.

Q: Tomorrow for Bradshaw?
A: Hopefully, yeah. Hopefully he works tomorrow. That would be his day.

Q: Kenny Phillips?
A: He worked today. He did a little something and he's going to work back into it very gradually. We'll see how he does each day.

Q: How did he look?
A: He did ok. He did ok.

Q: David Baas?
A: Back to work.

Q: Full-time?
A: Might as well have. I think he's going to be listed limited, but he worked.

Q: Yesterday you mentioned that you hoped Bradshaw would practice today:
A: I did, but it didn't work out that way. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.

Q: Same issue?

A: Same deal, same thing.

Q: If Baas can't play this weekend, is it really an issue with the way your offensive line has had to shuffle around this season?
A: I think he'll go.

Q: Are you encouraged that your team is getting healthier moving towards the bye week?
A: It's always nice to see the list diminish, that's for sure.

Q: What's the importance of this week given your 0-2 start in the division?
A: Very important. An opportunity, of course, to win in the division, to go back to 2-2 in the division. To give ourselves an opportunity last week against Washington and this week against Dallas to get back in good standing.

Q: In the division, one team's defeat is an even greater win for their opponent:
A: Sure, divisional games, that's why we call them, "twice as important."

Q: Thoughts on your team's success at Cowboys Stadium:
A: Someone asked me that yesterday, and they put it in such a way, are you ever going to lose, and I said, I hope not.

Q: What are your comments on DeAngelo Hall and his remarks?

A: I'm not going to comment on that. I didn't even hear about it.

Q: Players on other teams keep saying that they "gave" you the games, why is this?
A: All I know is they recorded it as a win.

Q: Has Rocky Bernard been progressing?
A: He is. He does individual.

Q: Is Kenny Phillips a possibility for Sunday?
A: We'll see. We'll have to see.

Q: How big is it for Hakeem Nicks to practice a full week for two straight weeks now?
A: Well, he went all three last week and he's all three this week, so that's a very encouraging sign. To see him smile and get out there and go to work and have some burst and practice three days in a row is a good thing.

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