Angst and Optimism: Week 6

I know you were all waiting with baited breath for this, and I apologize for my tardiness. I was planning on getting it done yesterday, but life interfered and I just didn't have the time... Oh well, better late than never, right? Well, the wait is over, if you'll jump with me.


When the Giants put together a game like they did on Sunday, it is DAMN tough to angst over anything... But as a good New York Sports fan, I'm sure I'll find something...

  • Red Zone Offense: Gotta love the fact that they were able to move the ball down the field pretty much at will, and however they wanted to against one of the nastiest D's in the league... But they settled for WAY too many field goals. Part of my angst is mitigated by how good the 9er's defense is. Its just tough to score on them, and I'm confident that against a less vicious D, they would have won about 43 to 3. Still, gotta get stick the dagger when you get the chance, like Rolle gave you the chance to twice.
  • 3rd Down Defense: This one is really nit-picky, but I wanted to have SOMETHING to write here lol. So, I KNOW I'm not the only one who's blood pressure rose every time Fewell would call for an 8 yard cushion on a 3rd and 5. Otherwise the defense was suffocating, so why give them the easy conversion?
  • No Calls: Can somebody PLEASE tell me why other teams are allowed to mug Giants receivers and pass rushers are still allowed to tee off on Eli 2 hours after the game is over!? If a late hit like the one that left Eli bleeding was laid on Brady, it would have been called for 15 and the guy ejected before he even hit the ground. And this happens at least once a game.


  • Offensive Line: This is the best this unit has looked since 2008. Seriously, averaging 193 rushing yards per game over the last 2 weeks, and dropping 150 on the stingiest run D in the league? Oh, and keeping Eli's uniform pristine (barring an uncalled late hit) against a variety of pass rushes.
  • DEE - FENCE!: Except for the angsting above, this D was a joy to watch. They had Alex Smith befuddled and bruised, and the "WildKaep" neutered. 6 sacks (with only what? 4 blitzes?), 3 INTs, and they held Gore to 36 yards and the '9ers as a whole to 80.
  • Prince: The kid is Shut. Down. The only time he gives up a reception is in zone, and then he does not allow YAC. Even against TE's, he lays the wood with Authoritah.
  • RB's: I can't separated Bradshaw and Wilson in this one. Bradshaw is running with power, speed, and decisiveness. He hasn't run like this since the beginning of 2009. Wilson is quite simply the best kick returner in the league, and he is showing that same explosiveness out of the backfield. He's protecting the ball, hitting the hole hard and fast, and then turning on the afterburners and running through everything but solid form tackles. EXACTLY what we want to see from him. If it weren't for my undying love of Darkwing Duck (DW), I would propose the nickname "Nitro" for him, because if defenses don't handle him with care, he's going to explode.


  • CRUZ: Gotta love Cruz. He is a TD machine, and whenever he makes a catch, its a big one. BUT, between the easy drops and at time obviously not being on the same page with Eli... He's a one-man thrill ride. Gilbride said it best: "Cruz giveth, and Cruz taketh away." He's still young and has a LOT of football ahead of him (which NEEDS to happen in a Giants uniform, dammit!)... for all intents and purposes, he's barely a sophomore. But he needs to get his concentration on point for 60 minutes. That's the biggest part of his game that needs improvement.

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