I was at the game...some observations & comments

I was at the game at the Linc last are my observations

For much of the nite, the offense lacked rythym. Sometimes due to playcall, sometimes due to penalties, sometimes due to well, players just appeared to be out of sync.This was particulary true in the first half.

Imho, the difference between these Giants, and the Montana-led 49ers (in their heyday) is no Bill Walsh at the helm. True, Montana used to make 30, 40, 50 yd passes to Rice, but they were usually preceeded by short dinks n dunks for 5, 6, 7, 8 yd short passes. This helped setup the offense, got everybody in rythm, helped take the crowd out of it. Sadly, I must conclude, Gilbride does not have any such plays in his book. Time-n-again, it was like 20 - 40 yd passes, many incomplete in the first half. It appears that we dont want to steadily & methodically move the ball along the lenght of the field. This led to too many 3rd & very long situations, and particularly in the first half gave the appearance of an offense that hadnt setled down, and repeatedly alllowed the crowd to really get into it.

The best drive, in my opinion, was the one that resulted in the interception. Crisp, workmanlike, everybody on assignments, no penalties that I can remember.

The David Wislon play happenened so quickly that I did not almost register it. Only later, thinking about it, and yes reading about it on BBV, I agreed that there were no showcase opportunities for Wison in the offense. On kick returns, he was simply spectacular.

Vick played well, but he made some mistakes and got away with it. Eli played well, not great, and the mistake he made cost us dearly. Vick had a few wtf throws, one even bounced off the back of the giant defender (I cant remember if it was Hill or Brown, but had he turned around, it was a sure interception.). But having said that, I still feel Eli is too experienced to allow such a critical mistake...and it came in the 4Q...something that we Giant fans are not used to seeing.

Yes Osi was awful (& invisible where it mattered). But here too I blame Fuel. Looses containment, allows himself to be carried/pushed out of the play, giving Vick a clear running lane (a couple of times, critically with 3rd & 8, 3rd & 10 type situations). It happens once, ok, it happpens twice, then Fuel needs to get him over expplain what is going on, how to auto-correct. It happens again, then why was he on the field. It appears that TC policy of one mistake & done for the nite applies only to rookies.

Webby was awful...enuf said. Mook was good in coverage & run support. I think there was only one time his man (Maclin) got his hands on the ball. Slot coverage/underneath coverage was not good. Too many passes to Avant, Celek, RB(?) No ingame adjustments by Fuel

The black unicorn was simply missing in action. The first catch (negated by holding) was not only acrobatic, but the yards after were determined, purposeful, using his strength, looking to establish a tone. Alas he disappeared after that, but I did see him in heavy duty blocking action thruout the game

Hixon was just fantastic. Made a number of acrobatic catches, really sacrificed the body. By contrast, Jackson, in 2Q, simply lets a ball lazily hit him in the left hand, makes no real effort to grab the ball. Hixon is #3, and if Barden is #4, we may as well forget Jerel, Randle, unless the injury bug strikes.

McCoy just killed us with his athletiscm. Too many times he would be stopped by the containment, turn on a dime & scamper off the yardage. Kinda like sand-lot football.By contrast AB was mediocre...we also appeared to give up on the run too early. Brown made a couple of good runs, but here again, just as it apppeared that he was about to take off into the ssecond level, the sheer athletiscm of the E-linebackers, lineman would bring him down.

I pin this loss on TC & Gilbride...the final drive looked chaotic...and when we landed on the 27, I cant see why TC didnt insist on a run, a spike & a kick. Eli has a gamblers streak in him (earlier on 4th & less than a foot, he throws a 25 yard bomb), its upto TC to curtail it, simply kick the field goal, finish off the bums & go home

I dont blame Ramses for the final play...after 4 yrs, he is still a rookie & will be prone to rookie mistakes. Having him there on the field in that critical situation is mistake number 1. Throwing to him, pprobably mistake number 2. Sitting him down for the next few games (as TC may well do)...a collossal blunder

I did have a couple of Kuhn sightings, but no Ojomo sightings...he may have played, I just didnt see it. Overall the d-line was, well meh!

I was wearing my Eli jersey, some good natured ribbing during, after the game, but nobody came near enough to me to feel threatened

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