A non bias view of the game last night

I try to make the most objectionable analysis out of every football game and leave the homerism at the door (most of the time). I wanted to share my thoughts on the Giants, and see what you guys thought

1 - The game was a coin flip from start to finish. My room mate who is a Steelers fan jokingly said "I put a 100 on the Giants!" My response was "I wouldn't bet this game, not even a dollar." You really can't say either team showed they were all that much better than the other team. The majority of both teams played really well..

My thoughts on the Giants players

Tuck - I think he's perma-injured. He had some nice plays but he's not the same Tuck from 2009

JPP - I think this kid is going to have a HOF career. There's nothing he can't do, the best DE in the league, no doubt. He's going to be the Eagles nightmare for a decade +, just like Strahan.

Osi - He's the Giants version of Jasin Babin, IMO. He's a pass rushing specialist, but plays undisciplined and disappears. I thought his interview with Tuck and Bob Costas pre-game was hilarious though. Good answers.

CWeb- Had an awesome year last year, what happened?

O-line - Both of our O-lines are garbage. Even if we combined the best players from both teams to form a single line, they would still probably suck. Though, both picked it up in the 2nd half.

Eli - Eli was amazing, he probably lost the game with that one poor throw, but otherwise all other throws were great and he did a great job in the 2nd half.

Cruz - Not a flash in the pan, not at all. On replay he has some really nifty moves on getting separation.

Honestly, I have no idea where either team , Giants OR Philly stand as far as the elite teams go. Both have shown they can play and both have shown they can disappoint. But to be honest , that was a good game, with very few mistakes on both sides. We have both seen Giants/Eagles games with poor efforts, that wasn't one of them.

It was a good game and if I were a betting man if both teams play like that with Giants at home it would be a close win for the Giants. Credit Perry Fewell with a good defense with such a beat up secondary.

It's pretty obvious that it's going to be these two teams battling for the NFC E crown. As usual, neither the Skins or Cowgirls look particularly good -- I think week 1 was Jerruh's SB.

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